Sheppard Public School showed just how much they care by cutting their hair!

During a special assembly, staff, students, and some family members gathered in the gym for the school’s fourth annual “Pony Up” event. In front of the entire school, students and staff volunteered to have their long hair put into ponytails and cut off for donation to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Pantene uses the hair to make wigs for people who have lost their hair while battling cancer, and it takes approximately eight ponytails to make one wig. While donating hair doesn’t cure the cancer, it can help to lift someone’s spirits and maybe give them some “umph” to keep fighting the disease.

Sixteen students from Kindergarten to Grade 6 as well as a Sheppard PS staff member donated their hair. We are very proud of the commitment and patience they had to grow their hair long enough to be able to donate it to this worthwhile cause! The school also took a moment to recognize and honour other members of the school community who have donated hair in the past.

We extend a round of applause to those who donated their hair, to the stylists who donated their time, and to the Sheppard PS staff who worked together to make sure this event happened, with a special thank you to Mrs. Sutcliffe for organizing such an important event.

Sheppard Flyers – You rock!


We are so proud of everyone who donated their hair!

We are so proud of everyone who donated their hair!