In 2017, we will open a new elementary school on Thomas Slee Drive, in the Doon area of south Kitchener.

We invite all members of our community help us name this school by filling out the form below. A committee made up of Kitchener trustees, the area superintendent, communications staff and the principal will select the name from the submissions.

The committee will use the following criteria to guide the choice in name:

  • Suggestions that keep in mind the vision of the school: empowering students to collaborate, problem-solve and be critical thinkers in a global orientated learning environment.
  • The name must reflect good taste and a positive image of the Board
  • The suggestion must be unique and cannot be similar to other schools in our region
  • When considering naming the school after a person, the preference will be for names of individuals who are not alive
  • Suggestions where the initials or acronyms are offensive, or have other negative connotations or associations will not be considered.

Submissions close on November 9, 2015.