From September 29 to October 8, two challenges were given to the students of Hillcrest Public School:

1)      Who could collect the most food items for the Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank?
2)      Who could build the most extravagant CANstruction out of food items?

The Huskies collected 750 food items all together for their food drive and came up with some awesome CANstructions!

Ms. Brake’s grade 6 class won a pizza party for collecting the most food items. They collected 93 food items!

Once they were finished collecting the food items, the other challenge began – who could build the Hillcrest’s favourite CANstructions? Students worked together in their classrooms to come up with an idea for their CANstruction and then created their structures outside their classrooms for all to see.

All the students and staff voted and Mrs. Gibson’s grade 5 class won a pizza party for favourite structure!

Thank you so much Huskies for your generous donations to the Cambridge Self Help Food Bank. You did a fantastic job!

iPhone Image 641B37

iPhone Image 641B46

The winner of Hillcrest’s CANstruction structure, Mrs. Gibson’s grade 5 class!

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