Statement re: Student Civic Engagement

Across the province, and here in Waterloo Region, students from many secondary and elementary schools are actively voicing their concerns relating to issues that impact education. Students are engaged, informed, and organized and we are committed to supporting the safe and appropriate expression of their views.

We recognize that our students have a right to civic engagement and encourage them to use their voices in a positive and respectful way. Our school administrators and staff have been outstanding in their efforts to work with students who wish to express their concerns while ensuring they do so safely and appropriately.

As a Board, we have prepared and supported our school communities with respect to student walkouts and protests and have been actively communicating with our staff, parents, and student groups around the details, safety plans, and expectations of student activism. Student leadership and positive citizenship are a central part of our daily classroom discussions. We are confident our students will exercise the same good judgement and critical thought that they demonstrate in their classrooms every day.


Jayne Herring
Chair of the Board


John Bryant
Director of Education

A letter to Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) Trustees and senior staff sent from our student leaders regarding issues in education and student activism.

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