Elmira District SS receives Woolwich Community Fund grant

Over the last few weeks, the Grade 10 Construction class at Elmira District Secondary School (EDSS) has been building benches in the front “U” for community use.

Last fall, Mrs. Gaudet, her Environmental Science students, and Landscape Ontario volunteers redid the landscaping around the front area of the school. Almost all of the trees that fill the front “U” are memorial trees in honour of students who have passed away while at EDSS.

The landscaping plan also included seating areas where students can sit and reflect. This year, Mr. Derma, the Grade 10 Construction teacher, applied for the Woolwich Community Fund grant and was successful in receiving funding to build these benches with his class – the money was put towards framing wood, tools, screws, and wood for the cladding. During the process, their teacher taught them patience and gave his students a feel for what the real work environment could feel like.

On behalf of the class, they would like to thank the Woolwich Community Fund Grants Committee, administered by The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation, for accepting their application.

The hope is that these benches will be appreciated and used wisely, and everyone who enjoys their comfort will respect and take into consideration the time and effort EDSS students put into the making them.


One of the many benches Mr. Derma and his Grade 10 Construction class built.

One of the many benches Mr. Derma and his Grade 10 Construction class built.