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Teaching teachers tech at the Ontario summit

On Saturday, April 7, Jacob Hespeler Secondary School hosted teachers from across Ontario at the EdTechTeam Ontario Summit. This was the 6th annual event, which brings educators together to learn about new tools and skills in education technology. Presenters covered a large array of topics, from digitizing math to using technology for the preservation aboriginal […]

A laptop for every high school student

Featured in Perspective Waterloo Region 2016, issued in The Globe and Mail (Thursday, October 27, 2016). In a classroom at Southwood Secondary School in Cambridge, Ontario, Jane Gingerich delivered her lesson on the theory of the dominant seventh chord to a class of one. The laptop’s blinking green eye stared unerringly back at her. Uploading […]

Parkway PS students showcase their technology skills

Submitted by Nick & Jared, Grade 5 students at Parkway Public School. On Wednesday, April 20, from 5:30-7pm, the B1 students at Parkway Public School hosted a “Technology Showcase” to introduce parents and friends to how students use new technologies to learn in school these days. We showed parents and kids how to program, use […]

Storify: Learning Carousel Engages Staff & Students in Learning!

Over 500 teachers, staff, and community partners got together to host the second annual Learning Carousel & Change Symposium.

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Westmount PS students have an APPetite for learning

Westmount Public School has kicked off their apps4learning project with high school students from Kitchener-Waterloo Collegiate & Vocational School (KCI)! Students in Mr. Lloyd’s Grade 5/6 class came up with app ideas to better help students understand certain concepts that are difficult in school. They met with Mr. Papoutsis’ computer class from KCI and presented the storyboards […]

Teaching technology at Stewart Avenue PS

Today’s modern billionaires haven’t built their wealth by drilling for oil or digging for minerals. They exist in the digital world where they invent ways to make life simpler with advanced computer technology. Mr. Vanco, an elementary teacher at Stewart Avenue Public School, teaches his class how to draw rectangles with computer coded language. In addition, […]