In June 2021, families were invited to share their experiences with before-and-after school programs in the Let’s Connect Family Survey. We want to thank the 2,054 individuals who took the time to participate. We use this information to inform training opportunities for educators, program material purchases and to develop policies and procedures.

What We Heard From You

Meeting the Needs of Children and Families

  • 82% agreed or strongly agreed that “the educators respond to my child’s individual needs”
  • 80% agreed or strongly agreed that “the educators support my child to play and solve problems with other children”
  • 67% agreed or strongly agreed that “the educators value and respect differences in beliefs, values and culture among families in the program”
  • 60% agreed or strongly agreed that “my child received the right special needs supports at the right time to participate in their program”

Communication Between Families and Staff

  • 83% agreed or strongly agreed that “I feel comfortable talking to the educators about my questions, concerns, and my child’s learning”
  • 69% agreed or strongly agreed that “the documentation and communication from the educators help me to understand how and what my child is learning”

Families’ Access to Before-and-After School Programs

  • 96% agreed or strongly agreed that “I secured a space in the before-and-after school program when I needed it”
  • We learned more about when families need full days of childcare at their child’s school
    • 31% responded “professional development days”
    • 28% responded “March Break”
    • 21% responded “Winter Break”
    • 20% responded “Summer”

The Impact of Before-and-After School Programs on Families

  • 87% agreed or strongly agreed that “the program my child is in has had a positive impact on my family’s day-to-day life”

Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback – your feedback is important to us. We are committed to using this information to help improve programs and better support the children and families we serve.

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