Terri Heise lives in Cambridge with her two daughters. She considers herself a single mom because her husband has acquired brain damage and lives in a long-term care facility in Niagara. Terri works as a home daycare provider, which allows her to provide for her family and pick up her 10 year old daughter, Sophia, from school.

The family’s minivan is in total disrepair and is needed so Terri can keep working as well as drive her daughter to her medical appointments. Two years ago, Sophia was diagnosed with leukaemia and had to undergo chemotherapy and a full bone marrow transplant. Thankfully, Sophia is doing well but the family had to go into debt for these life-saving medical expenses.

This morning, the Heise family received a special surprise from the students and staff at Huron Heights Secondary School. It has become an annual tradition that the senior Business Leadership students embark on a hands-on assignment that helps a local family in our community. Students have been working hard to fundraise since September. Today, they presented a cheque of $10,190 to the Heise family.

But the Heise family received more than just a cheque this morning, Terri was surprised with a Dodge Caravan thanks to a generous donation from Galt Chrysler Dodge – no strings attached.

Watch below as students surprise Terri with this amazing gift:

Thank you for following along as we counted down 12 days of giving. We are so inspired by the wonderful acts of kindness our staff and students are modelling during the holiday season.

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