Lackner Woods Public School has kicked off Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week by engaging their learners in a variety of ways.

Today is “Think-tank Tuesday” which is the name for their announcements, supporting the Region and the Board’s month long awareness program promoting respectful and responsible citizenship. Some classes have been engaged in activities related to the understanding of “30 days of T.H.I.N.K.”, (e.g., word clouds, respectful/helpful recipes, slideshows and writing our school announcements).

The John Howard Society is also joining Lackner Woods PS in November and December to help them learn how to prevent occurrences of bullying – to look out for ourselves, for a friend, for anyone. The Society is committed to providing effective services that assist in reducing crime and its causes.

In addition, classes and staff members, have been communicating their thinking and wonder around the unlearn. posters. What is unlearn.? It is a global movement to provoke thought in the hope that it will encourage positive change by removing barriers.

These bullying prevention initiatives helps to reinforce a safe, caring, inclusive school atmosphere.