As a student taking a summer school eLearning class, there are some important things to know.

Login Information

If you are a WRDSB student, go to and login with your WRDSB Gmail address and password.

If you are a student from another board taking a WRDSB eLearning class, you will access your eLearning class via your board’s own online portal with your board’s username and password. You may not see or have access to your class until the morning of Monday, June 29 or the start date of your summer school class (see your registration email).

Getting Started

WRDSB student taking WRDSB eLearning course
On the first day of classes, Monday, June 29, you will see your eLearn class show up in “My Courses” on the homepage of the WRDSB VLE/D2L. Additionally, you will see a Student Orientation course appear – it is recommended that you access this class and its resources, along with watching the short videos inside before you start your class on Monday. This will help you learn how to navigate this online platform, connect with your teacher, access class content and learning, and how to submit your work to your teacher and review feedback.

WRDSB student taking eLearning course with another board
You will log in to the WRDSB VLE/D2L, but to access your course, scroll down to find the “My Courses in Other Orgs” widget. There, you will see and access your course from another board there.

Non-WRDSB student taking WRDSB eLearning course
Log in to your board’s online portal with your board’s email address and password, and then access your WRDSB eLearning course via the widget titled “My Courses in Other Orgs”.


If you are taking a full credit eLearning course, the expectation is that you complete 6 hours or more of work related to your class each school day.

If you are taking Grade 10 Civics and/or Careers classes with the WRDSB, please note that both of these classes start on Monday, June 29 and run at the same time for the length of summer school. The expectation is that you spend at least 3 hours each day working on each of these classes, and if you are taking both, that you spend a total of 6 hours or more working each school day on the two classes collectively. You will have a different teacher and different class access point for each class.

Canada Day

Wednesday, July 1 is a statutory holiday. There will be no classes or expectations of work on July 1, but as a student, you will have access to your course if you like.

Last Day of Class

WRDSB eLearning classes end on Friday, July 24. Your teacher will communicate any timelines, due dates, and final assessment expectations with you via your online class.


Any questions you have about your class or work assigned should be directed to your teacher. At the start of the course, they will introduce themselves to you from your online class and let you know the expectations for you as a student, along with how you can contact and connect with them. You should not worry or expect to see this before the first day of the class, but your teacher may open it to you before then.

We hope you have a great experience with summer school eLearning!

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