Day 3: Gathering with gratitude at Keatsway PS

Keatsway Public School students and staff sat down for a hot turkey lunch, with all the yummy fixings, for the school’s first annual Gratitude Dinner. More than 400 students came together as one large school family to enjoy each other’s company.

The idea of this event started in September and was created as part of a safe, caring and inclusive school initiative. Penny Miller, principal of Keatsway PS, wanted her students to feel a sense of togetherness and responsibility for one another.

“It’s a time where we can get together as a school, build our community and celebrate all the things we are thankful for,” said Principal Miller. “We want to spend time enjoying and appreciating each others company.”

Keatsway PS students enjoying a turkey lunch.

Keatsway PS students enjoying a turkey lunch.

An incredible show of community support was also shown through food donations to the dinner. All canned and boxed items for the meal were provided by parents, and the turkeys and potatoes were bought and cooked by staff members.

Volunteers from the school community spent the morning helping to prepare the food, setting the tables, serving the students and staff, and cleaning up. Keatsways PS would like to give a big thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible. The time and assistance given to make the event a success were greatly appreciated.

Keatsway PS food serving team.

Keatsway PS food serving team.

True evidence of a successful school community meal is overhearing the conversations between students. One student asked another where their family came from and what brought them to Canada; with those two questions, a relationship started forming, stories and experiences where shared, and a stronger school family developed. We are creating welcoming and inclusive schools one conversation at a time. This makes our heart so full.

Happy holidays, Keatsway PS!

We are counting down 12 days of giving where we feature some of the wonderful acts of kindness our staff and students are modelling during the holiday season.

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