The WRDSB is currently seeking individuals to volunteer for the Compliance Audit Committee as required by the Ministry of Education. The committee may be called upon to hear and decide on applications for compliance audits regarding a trustee candidate’s campaign expenses.

The committee must be composed of individuals who are not members of the school board, employees, or candidates in the 2014 Municipal Election.

Members of the committee will serve a four-year term, beginning on December 1, 2014, on as needed basis.

The responsibilities of the Compliance Audit Committee and the compliance audit process are set out in Section 81.1 of the Municipal Elections Act, 1996.

Candidates approved by the Board will be contacted and provided with information required in the event of an application for a compliance audit regarding a trustee candidate’s campaign expenses.

If you are an interested individual with a background in financial services, please contact Jayne Herring, Manager of Corporate Services for further information by September 15, 2014.