Boundary Studies

2018-2019 boundary studies

The following study is planned for the 2018-2019 school year:

  • Southwest Kitchener Secondary Schools

Possible future study areas

The following areas may need a boundary study in the future:

  • Central Kitchener/Waterloo senior schools
  • Central Waterloo/Lakeshore elementary schools
  • Huron Woods (South West Kitchener)
  • Doon South II (Kitchener)
  • Hunt Club (Cambridge)
  • Breslau (Woolwich Township)

For more on future studies, read the Accommodation Planning 2018-2019 Report to Committee of the Whole.

What is a boundary study?

A boundary study is a public process to change school attendance areas. Often boundaries change when:

  • A new school opens
  • Grades or programs change
  • Too many students are in a school
  • Too few students are in a school

A boundary study does not have a fixed schedule. Changes will take place at the start of a school year (September). Approvals must be before February 28th for changes in the next school year.

School boundaries also change when schools close. We use a more formal process, called a Pupil Accommodation Review, when closing a school.

Completed boundary studies (elementary)

Past elementary school boundary studies include:

Completed boundary studies (secondary)

Past secondary school boundary studies include:

Important references

School Boundary Study process guides the various stages of a Boundary Study. Administrative Procedure 4991 – Boundary Studies also outlines the process.

Other related policies and procedures include: