What is a facility partnership?

A Facility Partnership is a cooperative and collaborative relationship between the school board and community organizations for the use of buildings and sites, which include various levels of government, the public and community agencies as defined within Administrative Procedure 4990 – Community Planning and Facility Partnerships.

Partnerships are intended to provide an opportunity to reduce facility costs and/or improve educational opportunities for students. Offering space in schools to partners can strengthen the role of schools in communities, provide a place for programs and facilitate the coordination of and improve access to, services for students and the wider community.

Please note that entities providing competing education services, such as tutoring services, Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 private schools or private colleges, credit-offering entities that are not government-funded, and political organizations are not eligible partners.

Annual Meeting

The annual Community Planning and Facility Partnerships public meeting was held as a part of the regularly scheduled Committee of the Whole Meeting on,

Monday, May 13, 2019 at 7:00 pm

Education Centre, Board Room
51 Ardelt Avenue, Kitchener, ON N2C 2R5

Current Opportunities (as of May 2019)

Click Here to view the short-term opportunities in PDF.

Click Here to view medium-term opportunities in PDF.


In addition to the summary tables (left), the Long-Term Accommodation Plan provides greater detail about where the board has a need for additional capacity (to be addressed through new school construction and major additions, pending funding) and where under-utilization is projected to be experienced, which may create leasing opportunities.

At this time proposed new schools are the prime candidates for partnership opportunities.




Becoming a Partner

Where available space has been identified for partnership or co-building opportunities, the Board will use the Community Partner Selection Criteria in Section 3 of the Administrative Procedure to evaluate the suitability of partners and their proposals as they relate to specific sites.


Should a new partnership agreement be established, community partners will be required to pay for and finance their share of construction and operating costs, including a share of joint-use or shared space.

Contact Us

Thank you for your continued interest in partnering with us. Questions of clarification may be directed to partnerships@wrdsb.ca.


Ministry of Education Community Planning and Partnerships Guideline – 2015

Board Policy 1011

Administrative Procedure 4990

Long-Term Accommodation Plan