Properties for sale/lease – open market

There are no properties for public sale or lease at this time.

When available, the WRDSB sells property in one of two ways:

  1. Through public tender, or
  2. Through a realtor.


To receive a notification when properties are for sale, please do the following:

  • Email:
  • Subject line: “I wish to be contacted about surplus property”
  • Body: indicate specific properties of interest, or state “all properties,” and provide your contact information

We will make every effort to communicate with those who request notification.

Disposition process

When the WRDSB decides it no longer needs a property, we may declare it surplus. To offer surplus property for sale or lease, we must follow rules set out in the Education Act. These rules are in Ontario Regulation 444/98 – Disposition of Surplus Real Property. Under this regulation:

  • Boards first offer surplus property to a list of preferred agencies.
  • These organizations have at least 90 days to express interest and/or present an offer. It may take an additional 90 days to formalize an offer (180-day period).
  • If there are no successful offers, the Board may request permission to sell on the open market.

For more information on the WRDSB’s disposition process please read Administrative Procedure 4880 – Disposition of Surplus Real Property (School Sites/Land)

Properties in circulation

There are no properties in circulation at this time.