Status updates

We provide quarterly updates on the status of building projects including the timing, budget and scope. Reports are typically made in September, December, March, and June and can be found within the Committee of the Whole agenda packages.  You can view the status of projects current projects by clicking the thumbnail image to the right.

Funding sources

Funding for school construction comes from the Ministry of Education. Some of these sources are:

  • Capital Priorities program
  • School Condition Improvement grant
  • School Facility Operations and Renewal grant

To learn more, visit the Ministry’s capital investments page.


Capital Priorities

When the Ministry of Education puts out a call for Capital Priorities, we respond with business case submissions for new schools or additions that meet their outlined criteria. The size of the grant can change with the Provincial budget and this funding program does not follow an established timeframe e.g. annual submission although it does tend to be offered each year.

Right now staff are working on these elementary projects,

  • A new South Kitchener (670 Thomas Slee Dr, Kitchener) elementary school (2019 Capital Approval)
  • A new Huron South (80 Tartan Ave, Kitchener) elementary school (2018 Capital Approval)
  • Southeast Cambridge elementary school (2016 Capital Approval)
  • Laurelwood Public School addition (2020 Capital Approval)

School condition improvement (SCI) grant

Funding to address health and safety issues, replace and repair building components, improve the energy efficiency of schools, and improve accessibility.

School facility operations and renewal grant

Funding to repair, renovate, and/or replace buildings. This funding can also cover leases, additions, or other partnership agreements.