Maps (School Attendance Boundaries)

Which school do I attend?

School attendance is determined by your home address. Each school has a boundary associated with it (also known as zone, catchment area or attendance area). Occasionally school boundaries change through a process called a boundary study or an accommodation review (school closure review).

You can use the School Eligibility application to find out which school boundary you live in and whether you are eligible to ride the bus to school (in accordance with Student Transportation Policies and Procedures). Please make sure to select the appropriate school year to determine eligibility as boundaries may change from year to year.

How do I register?

The Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) welcomes you and your child to our school board. We celebrate the unique contributions of each individual and cultivate an environment that values imagination and innovation. Whether your child is entering kindergarten or secondary school, we have the programs and opportunities to meet your child’s needs, interests and goals.

New students: If your child is new to the WRDSB, please visit our registration page to learn more about how to register for all of our programs.

Existing (or previous) students of the WRDSB: If your child is, or was, a student at the WRDSB, please do not complete an online registration. Contact the school you would like to register at for further instructions on how to re-register with us.

How do I request a boundary exemption/make an out of boundary request?

Normally a student attends the school located within the boundary in which the parents and/or legal guardian reside. It is important that boundaries are adhered to whenever possible and that there is consistency across the system. Principals have the ability to take into account special considerations that would allow students to cross boundaries. For the most part, these would address program needs or would be based on compassionate grounds. The Board has Administrative Procedures to address these requests:

Maps by Municipality

(Please note: You will have to zoom into areas on these maps to view street detail, these are not interactive maps.)

2016/17 School Year

Please be advised that these maps are effective only for the 2016/17 school year and are intended to be used for illustrative purposes only. Please do not use these maps to determine school eligibility. To determine school eligibility by address, please use the 2016/17 School Eligibility application

Secondary School (High School) Boundaries

To determine address eligibility, please use the School Eligibility application.

Secondary School Boundaries for System Designated Specialized (Magnet) Programs

To determine address eligibility, please use the School Eligibility application. In grade drop down, select:

Elementary School Boundaries (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8)

School Boundaries 2015/16




Traffic Safety Maps

A.R. Kaufman Public School Kitchener JK-8 A.R. Kaufman
Abraham Erb Public School Waterloo JK-6 Abraham Erb
Alpine Public School Kitchener JK-6 Alpine
Avenue Road Public School Cambridge JK-8
Ayr Public School North Dumfries JK-6
Baden Public School Wilmot JK-8
Blair Road Public School Cambridge JK-6
Breslau Public School Woolwich JK-8
Bridgeport Public School Kitchener JK-6 Future boundary change pending Bridgeport
Brigadoon Public School Kitchener JK-6 Future boundary change pending the opening of Groh Public School Brigadoon
Cedar Creek Public School North Dumfries JK-8
Cedarbrae Public School Waterloo JK-6 Sept. 2016 boundary change approved Cedarbrae
Centennial Public School Cambridge JK-6
Centennial Public School Waterloo 7-8 Sept. 2016 boundary change approved
Central Public School Cambridge JK-6
Chalmers Street Public School Cambridge JK-6
Clemens Mill Public School Cambridge JK-8
Conestogo Public School Woolwich JK-8
Coronation Public School Cambridge JK-6
Country Hills Public School Kitchener JK-6 Country Hills
Courtland Avenue Public School Kitchener 7-8 Proposed future boundary study/Accommodation Review postponed “…until such time as the funding for potential outcomes is clarified.”
Crestview Public School Kitchener JK-6 Grand River South Development Area added 2014 Crestview
Doon Public School Kitchener 6-8 Temp. Grade 5-6 boundary added 2014/15 & 2015/16, no Gr. 5 as of 2016/17, no Gr. 6 as of 2017/16

Additional future change pending opening of Groh Public School

Driftwood Park Public School Kitchener JK-6 Driftwood Park
Edna Staebler Public School Waterloo JK-8 Sept. 2016 boundary change approved Edna Staebler
Elgin Street Public School Cambridge JK-6
Elizabeth Ziegler Public School Waterloo JK-6 Elizabeth Ziegler
Empire Public School Waterloo JK-6 Empire
Floradale Public School Woolwich JK-8
Forest Glen Public School Wilmot JK-8
Forest Hill Public School Kitchener JK-6 Forest Hill
Franklin Public School Kitchener JK-6 Franklin
Glencairn Public School Kitchener JK-6 Glencairn
Grand View Public School Cambridge JK-6
Grandview Public School Wilmot JK-6
Hespeler Public School Cambridge JK-8
Highland Public School Cambridge JK-5 Gr. 6 to be added Sept. 2018
Hillcrest Public School Cambridge JK-6
Howard Robertson Public School Kitchener JK-6 Howard Robertson
J.F. Carmichael Public School Kitchener JK-6  JF Carmichael
J.W. Gerth Public School Kitchener JK-5 Future boundary and grade changes pending the opening of Groh Public School

Grade 5 re-introduced 2016/17, Grade 6 in 2017/18

JW Gerth
Jean Steckle Public School Kitchener JK-8 Jean Steckle
John Darling Public School Kitchener JK-6 John Darling
John Mahood Public School Woolwich JK-6 Revised boundary Sept. 2016
Keatsway Public School Waterloo JK-6 Keatsway
King Edward Public School Kitchener JK-6 King Edward
Lackner Woods Public School Kitchener JK-6 Future boundary change pending (tentatively Sept. 2017)

Lackner Woods PS Approved Future Boundary

Lackner Woods
Laurelwood Public School Waterloo JK-8 Sept. 2016 Grade 7-8 boundary change approved Laurelwood
Laurentian Public School Kitchener 7-8
Lester B. Pearson Public School Waterloo JK-8 Lester B. Pearson
Lexington Public School Waterloo JK-6 Future boundary change pending Lexington
Lincoln Heights Public School Waterloo JK-8 Lincoln Heights
Linwood Public School Wellesley JK-8
MacGregor Public School Waterloo 7-8 Proposed future boundary study/Accommodation Review postponed “…until such time as the funding for potential outcomes is clarified.”
Mackenzie King Public School Kitchener JK-6 Mackenzie King
Manchester Public School Cambridge JK-6
Margaret Avenue Public School Kitchener 7-8 Proposed future boundary study/Accommodation Review postponed “…until such time as the funding for potential outcomes is clarified.”
Mary Johnston Public School Waterloo JK-6 Mary Johnston
Millen Woods Public School Waterloo JK-6 Millen Woods
Moffat Creek Public School Cambridge JK-8
Meadowlane Public School Kitchener JK-6 Meadowlane
N.A. MacEachern Public School Waterloo JK-6 NA MacEachern
New Dundee Public School Wilmot JK-6
Northlake Woods Public School Waterloo JK-8 Northlake Woods
Park Manor Public School Woolwich 7-8 Gr. 7-8 only in Sept. 2016
Parkway Public School Cambridge JK-6
Pioneer Park Public School Kitchener JK-6 Future boundary changes pending the opening of Groh Public School

Temp. Development areas assigned

Pioneer Park
Preston Public School Cambridge JK-6
Prueter Public School Kitchener JK-6 Prueter
Queen Elizabeth Public School Kitchener JK-6 Wildflowers Development Area added 2014 Queen Elizabeth
Queensmount Public School Kitchener 7-8
Riverside Public School Woolwich JK-6 New school location Sept. 2016
Rockway Public School Kitchener JK-6 Rockway
Ryerson Public School Cambridge JK-6
Saginaw Public School Cambridge JK-6
Sandhills Public School Kitchener JK-6 Sandhills
Sandowne Public School Waterloo JK-6 Sandowne
Sheppard Public School Kitchener JK-6 Future boundary change pending (tentatively Sept. 2017) Sheppard
Silverheights Public School Cambridge JK-8
Sir Adam Beck Public School Wilmot JK-8 New grades and boundary for Sept. 2015, (JK-7 in 2015/16, JK-8 in 2016/17)
Smithson Public School Kitchener JK-6 Smithson
Southridge Public School Kitchener JK-6 Development Areas added Jan. 2015 and May 2016 Southridge
St. Andrew’s Public School Cambridge 6-8 Will become Gr. 7-8 in Sept. 2018
St. Jacobs Public School Woolwich JK-8
Stanley Park Public School Kitchener 7-8 New boundary for Sept. 2014, Future boundary change pending (tentatively Sept. 2017) Stanley Park
Stewart Avenue Public School Cambridge JK-8
Suddaby Public School Kitchener JK-6 Suddaby
Sunnyside Public School Kitchener 7-8 Future boundary change pending (tentatively Sept. 2017)
Tait Street Public School Cambridge JK-6
Trillium Public School Kitchener JK-6 Trillium
Vista Hills Public School Waterloo JK-7 New school Sept. 2016
W.T. Townshend Public School Kitchener JK-6 WT Townshend
Wellesley Public School Wellesley JK-8
Westheights Public School Kitchener 7-8 Westheights
Westmount Public School Kitchener JK-6 Westmount
Westvale Public School Waterloo JK-6 Westvale
William G. Davis Public School Cambridge 7-8
Williamsburg Public School Kitchener JK-6 Williamsburg
Wilson Avenue Public School Kitchener JK-6 Wilson Avenue
Winston Churchill Public School Waterloo JK-6 Winston Churchill
Woodland Park Public School Cambridge JK-8

Future Schools

Check out our “New Schools” page for the most up-to-date information regarding new school construction

  • Vista Hills Public School  (new 314 Sweet Gale Street, Waterloo N2V 0B3) JK-8 (Tentative opening Sept. 2016)
  • Chicopee Hills Public School (New Grand River South) JK-8 – Lackner/Fairway, Kitchener (Revised Tentative opening Sept. 2017)
  • Groh Public School (225 Thomas Slee Drive, Kitchener N2P 0B8) JK-8 (Revised Tentative opening Sept. 2017)
    • School attendance boundary set under the Doon South Boundary Study (Report and Recommendations are available here)
    • JK-8 Boundary
  • New 410 Falconridge Drive (JK-6) – 410 Falconridge Drive, Kitchener (Approved by Board, awaiting Ministry funding, opening date TBD)

Development Areas

Please be advised that from time to time the Board assigns students in new development areas to holding schools on a temporary basis until a new school or school addition is built in the community; or all or a portion of a Development Area can be incorporated into a new or existing school’s attendance area. If you are planning on purchasing a home in a new development and are interested to learn more about future accommodation strategies, please contact Planning.

For information please visit the New Housing Developments – Holding School Assignments page.

Background Information/Important References

  • Board Policies:
    • Board Policy 4012 – School Attendance Areas
    • Board Policy 3002 – Elementary School Size and Configuration
  • Administrative Procedures:
    • Administrative Procedure 4991 – Boundary Studies
    • Administrative Procedure 4260 – Student Transportation
    • Administrative Procedure 4992 – Temporary Accommodation for Development Areas


The Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) has provided the following maps for convenience and illustrative purposes only. While the WRDSB makes every reasonable effort to keep information on the maps accurate, the WRDSB cannot guarantee their accuracy or precision. Furthermore, the maps are only updated periodically and may not reflect construction of new streets, boundary changes, etc. These maps should not be used to determine school attendance or transportation eligibility. Under no circumstances shall the WRDSB be held liable for any actions taken, decisions made, or actions not taken from reliance on any information presented in these maps or consequences from any such reliance.

For further information, please contact the WRDSB Planning Department 519-570-0003 ext. 4419 or email