Which school do I attend?

Your home address determines school attendance. Each school has a boundary associated with it (also known as a zone, catchment area or attendance area). Occasionally school boundaries change through a process called a boundary review or an accommodation review (school closure review).

You can enter your home address into the School Eligibility application to determine which school boundary you live in. This tool also provides trasportation eligibility, e.g.  is your home within the walking zone or bus zone, in accordance with Student Transportation Policies and Procedures. Please verify the school year to determine eligibility as boundaries may change from year to year.

How do I register?

The Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) welcomes you and your child to our school board. We celebrate the unique contributions of each individual and cultivate an environment that values imagination and innovation. Whether your child is entering kindergarten or secondary school, we have the programs and opportunities to meet your child’s needs, interests and goals.

New students: If your child is new to the WRDSB, please visit our registration page to learn more about registering for our programs.

Existing (or previous) students of the WRDSB: If your child is, or was, a student at the WRDSB, please do not complete online registration. Contact the school you would like to register at for further instructions on how to re-register with us.

School Boundary Maps – Now Online!

To open the map in a new window, click here.

How do I request a boundary exemption/make an out-of-boundary request?

It is important for boundaries to be adhered to whenever possible. Principals can consider special circumstances that would allow students to cross boundaries. These would address program needs or be based on compassionate grounds. The Board has Administrative Procedures to address these requests:

Development Areas

If you are planning on purchasing a new home or condo within Waterloo Region and want to learn more about what it means to be within a Development Area, please contact Planning.

The New Housing Developments – Holding School Assignments page has all the information about the status of Development Areas.

Background Information/Important References

  • Board Policies:
    • Board Policy 4012 – School Attendance Areas
    • Board Policy 4022 – School Size and Configuration
  • Administrative Procedures:
    • Administrative Procedure 4991 – Boundary Studies
    • Administrative Procedure 4260 – Student Transportation
    • Administrative Procedure 4992 – Temporary Accommodation for Development Areas

For further information, please contact the WRDSB Planning Department 519-570-0003 ext. 4419 or email