This study officially concluded on November 30, 2015.

Parent Information Meeting re: French Immersion at Vista Hills PS – January 21, 2016

A parent information meeting will be held on Thursday January 21, 2016, 7:00-8:00 PM in the Edna Staebler Public School Gymnasium. The purpose of the meeting is:

  • To provide information to families of French Immersion students regarding the decision to offer French Immersion classes at Vista Hills Public School
  • To provide details of the implementation of French Immersion at Vista Hills Public School
  • To answer any questions of the audience regarding French Immersion at Vista Hills Public School

The agenda for this meeting includes:

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Meeting purpose
  • What has been decided?
  • Benefits of offering FI at Vista Hills PS
  • Grade 7 & 8 FI students in 2016/17
  • Q & A

Update January 6, 2016

Vista Hills Public School will offer French Immersion up to Grade 6 in 2016/17, with the addition of Grade 7 FI in 2017/18 and Grade 8 FI in 2018/19.  French Immersion classes from Grades 2 to 6 have already been confirmed for 2016/17.  French Immersion will be offered in Grade 1, as long as a minimum of 18 children register for the program. For more information on French programs at the Board, go to:

Update December 1, 2015

This study officially concluded on November 30, 2015 with the ratification of the November 23, 2015, Committee of the Whole minutes at the November 30, 2015 Board Meeting.  Please note that a notice will be sent out to all affected students within the next few weeks to inform them of the change for next year.

Update November 24, 2015

Planning staff presented the report and recommendations resulting from the West Waterloo Elementary Schools Boundary Study to the Board of Trustees at the November 23, 2015  Committee of the Whole meeting. A motion was carried to approve the recommendations contained in the report for implementation beginning September 2016. Please note that all decisions made at a Committee of the Whole meeting must be confirmed at the Board Meeting on Monday November 30, 2015. Once a decision has been finalized, a notice will be sent out to all affected students.

Schools Involved

Public Meeting Announcements, Presentations & Minutes

The responsibility is completely within the school board’s authority to make decisions about pupil accommodations, including school attendance areas. However, we encourage our community members to be engaged in the process and communicate their ideas and concerns to the Board. This helps ensure that all concerns and ideas are heard and considered before any decisions are made.

  • Committee of the Whole Meeting – Monday November 23, 2015
    • The final report and recommendations will be presented to the Board of Trustees on November 23, 2015. Committee of the Whole meetings are held in the Board room of the Education Centre, 51 Ardelt Avenue, Kitchener.
    • Agenda package will be available Friday November 20, 2015
    • Delegations may register to speak at any Committee of the Whole meeting



Approval for a capital request to build a new JK-8 elementary facility of 646 pupil places was received from the Ministry of Education on April 25, 2014 for the new West Waterloo area (Vista Hills) elementary school to be located on a 6 acre site at 314 Sweet Gale Street in the Vista Hills community. The targeted opening date for this school is September 2016.

At the May 12, 2014 Committee of the Whole meeting of the Waterloo Region District School Board, Trustees voted in favour of the commencement of an Elementary Boundary Study of Abraham Erb, Cedarbrae, Centennial, Edna Staebler, Laurelwood and Mary Johnston Public Schools, and including the new school to be constructed at 314 Sweet Gale Street, Waterloo, to be called the West Waterloo Elementary Schools Boundary Study.

The boundary study will commence in the 2014-2015 school year.  It will establish the boundary for the new West Waterloo area (Vista Hills) Elementary School and address the long-term program and accommodation needs of the West Waterloo community. The issues to be examined in this area include:

  • Overpopulation at Edna Staebler and Laurelwood Public Schools
  • Walk-in boundaries (reduction in transportation requirements)
  • Transition plan for existing students

Centennial and Cedarbrae Public Schools will participate in this study as they are the current holding schools for the Vista Hills community.

Frequently Asked Questions

2014/15 Boundaries

The following maps demonstrate the study area as well as the current school attendance boundaries:

Working Group Meeting Agendas, Presentations & Minutes

Working group meetings are not public meetings. Non-members may attend provided they are invited to do so.

Minutes and presentations of the Working Group meetings will be posted on this website after they receive approval at the following Working Group meeting (typically 2-3 weeks).  Thank you for your patience.

Background Information/Important References

Walking Distances from Study Area Schools (Maps)

How you can stay informed

  • Bookmark this website and check back regularly for updates
  • Attend public meetings
  • Speak to your school’s representatives on the Working Group
  • Email your Trustees
  • Contact WRDSB Planning staff:
    • Email: (please indicate West Waterloo in the subject line)
    • Phone: 519-570-0003 ext. 4419
    • Fax: 519-570-2172
    • Mail: 51 Ardelt Ave, Kitchener, ON N2C 2R5 (attention: Planning Department)