Celebrate the season of giving with the May Court Club

For more than 50 years, the May Court Club of Kitchener-Waterloo has been making a difference in our community.

Their team of dedicated volunteers host a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to support women and children in need. Events include; the Christmas Dreams Raffle, Music Night, and Flower Sale. They also operate the May Court Shop, a women’s consignment boutique specializing in trendy clothing and accessories where one hundred percent of profits are given to charitable organizations.

At the recent launch of the 2018 Christmas Dreams raffle, May Court Club President, Arlene McIntosh, spoke about their members and volunteers.

“Our passion is to give,” said McIntosh. “We have more than 100 active members who enjoy contributing their time and resources to give to the less fortunate.”

The May Court Club is currently looking to attract likeminded new members to their team.

In honour of their 50th year, the May Court Club distributed 50 care packages to a women’s shelter, 50 books to an early years program, and 50 wraps to a hospice centre in Waterloo. Throughout their 50 year run, they have given more that 2 million dollars to local charities and programming.

The Waterloo Region District School Board has been a longstanding partner of the May Court Club and has a deep appreciation for their work and their direct impact on student wellbeing. The May Court Lunch Box Program delivers emergency food boxes to schools, upon request, to help feed children who have nothing to eat.

“A child cannot learn if they are hungry,” said Director of Education John Bryant. “Ensuring students have proper nutrition is a fundamental step to help children learn and reach their potential.”

The Waterloo Region District School Board would like to congratulate the May Court Club of Kitchener on 50 incredible years, express our thanks for their many contributions to our community, and recognize their impact on student success.

For more information about the May Court Club and their events, visit www.maycourtclubofkw.org. To enter their Christmas Dreams raffle, visit their display in the courtyard at Conestoga Mall.


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