Kindergarten Registration for the 2023-2024 school year is now OPEN. Please be aware that any application submitted prior to Jan. 16 will need to be completed again.
If your child is a student at the WRDSB and is transferring schools within the board, please do not complete online registration. Contact the school you would like to register at for further instructions.

Our Schools Develop Successful Graduates!

We welcome you and your child to our school board. We celebrate the unique contributions of each individual and cultivate an environment that values imagination and innovation. Whether your child is entering kindergarten or secondary school, we have the programs and opportunities to meet your child’s needs, interests and goals.


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We are delighted to welcome your child to Kindergarten! Kindergarten for Fall 2023 opened on January 16, 2023. Kindergarten promotes the social, emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development of all children. The Kindergarten program is based on the understanding that children develop at their own pace. Children in Kindergarten are provided with a secure, respectful and nurturing environment, where their developmental needs can be supported through varied experiences. Learn more about our Kindergarten Program!

Collect the required documentation and start the online registration process for our Kindergarten Program now!

First time users may encounter difficulties if using a mobile device. Please use a laptop or desktop computer to register.

Elementary School (Grades 1-8)

Elementary schools provide Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8 programs. To check which elementary school serves your specific geographic area, please visit STSWR’s school finder. Visit your school’s website to find out details about the school and their programs and activities. Get more Elementary School Information!

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Secondary School (Grades 9-12)

All 16 of our high schools welcome students to a rich and diverse secondary school education. Students can anticipate an exciting variety of programs, course options, activities and services designed to meet their learning needs. To check which secondary school serves your specific geographic area, please visit STSWR’s school finder. Visit your school’s website to find out details about courses, arts, athletics and other student activities and clubs.

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International Student Registration

We are one of the larger district school boards in Ontario, serving approximately 63,000 students in the Region of Waterloo. Our schools provide instruction designed to provide the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for a solid foundation for living and learning in our junior kindergarten to Grade 12 students. Many of our staff have been recognized locally, provincially and nationally as the best in their fields.

Our students regularly achieve a wide variety of honours in academics, fine arts and athletics. Our graduates have great success as they pursue further education and rewarding careers.

Learn more about the registration process to become an International Student.

French Immersion

The WRDSB is transitioning to a Grade 2 entry point for French Immersion. Starting in September 2023, all students will automatically enrol in Core French for Grade 1 (no Grade 1 French Immersion offered in the 2023/2024 school year). The Grade 2 French Immersion entry point begins in September 2024. The WRDSB will accept Grade 2 French Immersion applications in the Winter of 2024 (for students born in 2017).

At the secondary level, Core French is available to all students while Extended French and French Immersion are available to those students who participated in French Immersion at the elementary level.

You can apply for French Immersion as a WRDSB student, from out-of-board, or as an out-of-boundary student. Come learn French at the WRDSB!

Student Exchange Programs

Learn more about Exchange Student opportunities at the WRDSB.

Update your Skills! Programs for WRDSB Students

International and Indigenous Languages Program (IILP)

Registration for International Languages will begin late spring for the upcoming September. Elementary classes will continue to register throughout the current school year. Secondary classes will close registration as of the 3rd week of classes in the current school year.

Learn more about our International Languages options.

Registration for the IILP will be done through online registration.

Summer School

The Waterloo Region District School Board offer courses in July for students who are in Grade 7 to Grade 12 and for Adults.

Students who are currently attending school must register with their home school guidance counsellor.

Students who are not currently attending school must register in person at the Summer School Office with a transcript from high school.

Learn more about our Summer School options.

Registration for Summer School is with your guidance teacher at your home school, or in person at the Summer School Office with a high school transcript.

Night School

Night school provides traditional classroom instruction for Grades 10 and 12. There are two intake sessions, September and February. Classes are on Monday and Thursday evenings and attendance is mandatory. Full Credit Courses are offered at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute (CHCI) in Kitchener.

Learn more about our Night School options.

Registration for Night School is in person at registration events at the beginning of each semester.

Essential Skills Upgrading for Adults

ESU delivers an employment-focused upgrading program that gives adults an opportunity to build the essential skills necessary to engage in the community and the changing world of work. Free upgrading of your reading, writing, math, computer and other skills essential for work, life and learning. We also offer pre-GED upgrading. Get more information about ESU: Essential Skills Upgrading!

Contact ESU to start any time.