Important Dates

International Students must start school at the beginning of September (first semester) or the beginning February (second semester).

Students Starting February 2022

    • Our application deadline for students wishing to start in February 2022 will open in October, 2021.

Students Starting September 2021

  • The application deadline for starting September 2021 has now closed. We will begin to accept applications for Semester 2 (starting February 2022), as of October 1, 2021.
  • Based on current travel and self-quarantine guidelines, students who have been accepted for attendance in September 2021 must arrive by August 9, 2021 to complete their self-quarantine and registration process. Students arriving after August 9, 2021 may need to wait for the next intake period in Semester 2 (February 2022).

Start Your Application

Please read these 5 steps about how to apply. Also read about Student & Custodian Responsibilities and Planning Your Arrival.

1. Complete the Online Application

Once you submit the form you will receive an automatic confirmation email. The email will include your file number (AF number) and a link to upload the required documents.

Start Your Online Application Here

2. Upload Required Documents

All of the following documents must be uploaded before your file can be reviewed:

  • Certified School Transcripts for Most Recent 2 Years (with an official English translation)
    • Must include the year of study
  • Student’s Birth Certificate (with an official English translation)
  • Custodian Appointment Letter [Download Custodian Appointment Letter document ]
    • Completed and signed by parents
    • Notarized by a lawyer in the country of origin (Can be notarized in another country if parents are not in home country)
  • Custodian Agreement Letter [Download Custodian Agreement Letter document]
    • Completed and signed by Custodian who lives in Waterloo Region
    • Notarized by a lawyer in Ontario

3. Receive Your Invoice

After you upload all required documents we will look at your application within 1-3 weeks. Once an application has been approved, you will receive invoice and payment instructions by email.

4. Pay Tuition Fees

Payment can be made only after an invoice has been issued. Due to current Health and Safety measures, in-person payments are not possible at this time..

  • Secondary Student Tuition (Grade 9 – Grade 12) for 2021-22 School Year:
    • Full year: $17,600 (8 in-school classes)
    • One semester: $9,500 (4 in-school classes)
    • Single Course: $2,600 per credit (Summer School, Night School, Language Programs)
  • Elementary Student Tuition (Kindergarten – Grade 8) for 2021-22 School Year:
    • Full year: $16,800 (10 months)
    • One semester: $8,500 (5 months)
  • Medical Insurance Fee (Required payment for all International Students):
    • $475 for 1 year
    • Prorated if attending by semester only

Note: students starting in February can pay for a single semester only. Fees may change without notice and may change each school year. Fees for the upcoming school year are posted here every February.

5. Receive Your Letter of Acceptance

After we receive your payment you will receive the Letter of Acceptance. This is an electronic document that will be sent to you by email. If you require a paper copy to be mailed to you, please email

The Letter of Acceptance is required for your student visa application. Please note that visa processing can take a long time. Please apply at least 3 months before your school start date.

Note: Before booking travel to Canada, please contact our International Admissions office. Additional documentation may be required depending on the current travel conditions and COVID-19 measures implemented by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.