Night School

New for Fall 2016! All first semester night school courses will be offered in an online blended format.

An online blended course provides a flexible learning environment where a student completes a course using a variety of online resources and attends some classes face-to-face with the teacher and fellow classmates. Students, using a computer and the Internet, can access the online resources seven days a week, at all hours, for the duration of the course. There are mandatory dates students must attend night school, however the dates that are not required attendance allow the student to work on the course work on their own time or attend class at Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute (CHCI) for one-on-one support.

Mandatory Attendance Dates: The following dates are required attendance at CHCI on Monday, Sept. 19, Thursday, Sept. 22, Thursday, Oct. 6, Thursday, Oct. 20, Thursday, Nov. 3, Thursday, Nov. 17, Thursday, Dec. 1, Monday, Dec. 12, and Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016.

Registration Dates for Fall 2016:

Monday, September 12, 2016, 6 – 7:30 p.m. at CHCI
Thursday, September 15, 2016, 6 – 7:30 p.m. at CHCI

More information can be found in our Fall 2016 Brochure.

Counsellors will be available to advise students about choice of subjects, the evaluation of previous credits, and equivalency credit allowances. All students registering for night school are required to bring a transcript from the last day high school they attended.

Please call Continuing Education at 519-885-0800. Please do not call day high school staff for information.

Cameron Heights CI – Kitchener Night School

CLASSES: Monday, September 19 – December 19, 2016
301 Charles Street East, Kitchener, ON  N2G 2P8

Course Offerings for Cameron Heights

Note that the list below is subject to change.

Grade 10

Course Subject Level
CHV2OH Civics and Citizenship Open
GLC2OH Career Studies Open

Grade 11

Course Subject Level
CGG3OI Travel and Tourism Open
ENG3CI English College
ENG3UI English University
MBF3CI Foundations for College Mathematics College
MCF3MI Functions and Applications University/College
MCR3UI Functions University
SBI3CI Biology College
SBI3UI Biology University
SCH3UI Chemistry University
SPH3UI Physics University

Grade 12

Course Subject Level
CGW4UI Canadian and World Issues University
ENG4CI English College
ENG4UI English University
GLN4OO Online Co-Op Open
MAP4CI College and Apprenticeship Math College
MCT4CI Math for Technology College
MCV4UI Calculus and Vectors University
MDM4UI Data Management University
MHF4UI Advanced Functions University
OLC4OI Literacy Course Open
SBI4UI Biology University
SCH4CI Chemistry College
SCH4UI Chemistry University
SPH4UI Physics University


There may be a $50 refundable book deposit to be paid beginning the second night of classes. This is cash only and will be refunded to you on the last two nights of night school. If you are unable to attend either of the last two nights, you will receive your refund at the beginning of the next semester. Please call for specific dates.

Cancellation Policy

Courses listed will be offered provided there are sufficient registrations and/or qualified teachers available.


Students are responsible for making their own arrangements for transportation.

Emergency Closing

Should weather conditions necessitate the cancellation of classes, information will be posted to the WRDSB main site and given over the following radio stations:
CHYM (FM 96.7)
CKGL (AM 570)
Virgin Radio (FM 105.3)
1090 (AM)


Call 519-885-0800

Academic Responsibilities

  1. Evaluation – Your teacher will give you details with respect to your evaluation. It is your responsibility to keep informed of your progress. Consult often with your teacher. Major assignments are an important part of the learning program. Failure to complete such assignments, in most circumstances, will result in a loss of that credit.
  2. Examinations – Formal examinations are scheduled for all courses. Students are expected to WRITE their examination ON THE SCHEDULED DATES. Please understand that we are unable to excuse students from exams for any reason, other than illness; i.e. holidays or work are not acceptable reasons. A medical note, at a cost to the student, will be required.
  3. Final Marks – If you are a day school student (or were one in Waterloo Region within the last five years), your marks will be sent directly to the last school attended. All other students are responsible for submitting their final mark to their last school. In both cases, it is the students’ responsibility to ensure that the marks have been added to their records.
  4. Course Changes – Students are expected to make a firm commitment to their course for the semester. If enrolment numbers are not sufficient, some courses may be cancelled. Students who wish to change a course MUST HAVE A VERY GOOD REASON to do so.
  5. Textbooks – A book deposit of $50 (cash only) is required.


Regular attendance is essential in order for credits to be granted. Students with irregular attendance will be interviewed by the supervisor and may be removed from the course.

Student attendance is monitored at night school. All students are expected to do the following:

  1. If you do not attend the first evening of classes you will be removed from the course unless you make prior arrangements by contacting night school at 519-885-0800.
  2. Attend ALL scheduled classes regularly and punctually. Students may be withdrawn from a course if they are absent from four evenings. Each evening is equivalent to three day classes. Two lates equal one absence.
  3. If you are unable to attend a class, please leave a message at 519-578-8330 x509. Please clearly state your name (please speak slowly and spell your first and last name), the course you will be absent from.
  4. If absent, catch up on all work missed. The student is responsible to ask the teacher to find out what work and assignments have been missed.
  5. Students who know they will be ABSENT FROM A TEST OR ASSIGNMENT must speak to the teacher beforehand. If the absence is unexpected, speak to the teacher immediately upon returning to school. Normally, if there is no communication, the student will get zero.
  6. It is your responsibility to be on time for each class. Students arriving late to class or leaving early will be recorded as one-half absent for that night. Report to the main office to sign in when you are late to receive an admit slip.
  7. Report to the main office to sign out if you leave before the conclusion of class. Failure to report will result in students not being admitted to their next class without an admit slip.
  8. Should weather conditions necessitate the cancellation of classes, information will be given over the following radio stations: CHYM (FM 96.7), CKGL (AM 570), Virgin Radio (FM 105.3), 1090 (AM) as well as on the WRDSB main website. Do not phone the schools. If classes are cancelled, make-up classes will be held on the following Tuesday evening.


  1. Alcohol/Drugs – The WRDSB has expressed the following view of Drugs, Alcohol and the school: “The possession of either drugs or alcohol on school property and/or being under the influence to whatever degree while on school property is a serious offense and will result in disciplinary action.” This policy extends to any school sponsored event (field trips, workshops, etc.). Students leave themselves open to suspension and police involvement if appropriate.
  2. Dress Code – Clothing must be neat, clean and acceptable. Offensive attire will not be accepted. Shoes are required.
  3. Food and Drink – Food and drinks can be purchased at the Tuck Shop as well as from the vending machines. Please consume all food and refreshments in the vending machine area at the scheduled break times. No food or beverages are permitted in the classrooms. Change is not available in the office.
  4. Garbage – The help of all students in keeping our school environment clean and healthy is an absolute necessity. Please put your garbage and recycling in the proper containers. Also, don’t forget RECYCLE, REUSE, REDUCE!
  5. Race and Ethno-cultural Relations – The WRDSB promotes racial and ethno-cultural harmony among students and staff and will not tolerate expressions of racial, religious or ethno-cultural discrimination in any form by its students or staff.
  6. Sexual Harassment – The WRDSB shall provide and maintain an environment in which employees, volunteers, and students shall be free from unsolicited and unwelcome sexual harassment of a verbal, visual or physical nature; and ensure that all people associated with night school conduct themselves at all times in a way that ensures a school free from sexual harassment.
  7. Smoking – In accordance with Provincial Law, smoking is not permitted on school property at any time for students, staff or visitors. Failure to comply will result in suspension.
  8. Weapons – Weapons of any kind will not be tolerated on school property or at any school sponsored events. As per the WRDSB’s “ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY”, severe disciplinary action will be taken and the police will be contacted immediately.


  1. Accidents and Insurance – If you sustain an injury while on school property, report the injury to your teacher. The Main Office must be informed of the accident or illness. Students driving fellow students or students traveling as passengers in automobiles on school sponsored activities must complete the appropriate insurance form.
  2. Emergency Drills – We are required to have one emergency drill per semester. This drill is used to prepare for evacuation of the building for fires, etc. Each room has a sign indicating the fire exits. When the alarm rings, exit quickly and quietly from the building and STAND WELL AWAY FROM IT. Do not use the elevator.

Student Services

  1. Guidance Services – Day school students are expected to see their day school counsellors for guidance appointments. Any student not currently at day school who desires an interview may make an appointment through the Main Office. Adult students who would like their prior learning assessed may do so by contacting the night school supervisor.
  2. Computers are available for students to do research and assignments. The WRDSB’s “Acceptable Use” policy is in effect. Students who damage software or hardware or use for inappropriate purposes will be dismissed from night school. Students who access inappropriate sites will be banned from further use of computers at night school.
  3. Lost and Found – For the convenience of students, the school operates a “Lost and Found” service in the Main Office.
  4. Parkingfor Cameron Heights CI, the student parking lot is located across Stirling Avenue. The lot behind the school is for staff parking. Cars parked illegally will be ticketed by the police or towed away.

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