Interactive Map of Schools Offering French Immersion

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Please note: Content intended to be used for school location only. For eligibility and transportation purposes, please use the School Eligibility tool.

Listing of Schools Offering French Immersion by Municipality

These Elementary schools offer the French Immersion program (for the 2023/24 school year):

Limited Enrolment Schools

What does it mean if a school has ‘Limited Enrolment’?

A school may be designated as Limited Enrolment due to overutilization (enrolment exceeds capacity) and site constraints. Limited Enrolment Schools may not accept any Out-of-Boundary applicants. The Planning Department reserves the right to maintain vacancies within a Grade 2 French immersion class at Limited Enrolment Schools after Phase 1 for Home School applicants during Phase 2.

Current Limited Enrolment Schools (as of 2023/24)

  • Breslau Public School
  • Keatsway Public School
  • Brigadoon Public School
  • Laurelwood Public School
  • Chicopee Hills Public School
  • Moffat Creek Public School
  • Empire Public School
  • Suddaby Public School
  • Groh Public School
  • Tait Street Public School
  • Hespeler Public School
  • Vista Hills Public School
  • Janet Metcalfe Public School
  • WT Townshend Public School
  • Jean Steckle Public School
  • Williamsburg Public School