This FAQ information is specific to WRDSB operated Extended Day Programs for children in Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2. For more information regarding the Extended Day Programs operated by Owl Child Care, Jacob Hespeler Child Care Centre, Creative Beginnings Childcare Centre, YMCA of Cambridge and Kitchener-Waterloo, Conestoga College, YWCA of Cambridge, YWCA of Kitchener-Waterloo, please visit their website.

When will I receive my first bill?

Fees are calculated monthly based on registered days of care in the current month. Electronic invoices are sent via email to parents / guardians on the 17th of the month (or following business days if the 17th is a weekend or statutory holiday).

If you receive financial fee assistance (subsidy) from the Region of Waterloo, electronic invoices are sent via email to parents / guardians on the 6th of the following month for example, on April 6th for March attendance (or the following business day if the 6th is a weekend or statutory holiday).

When do I have to pay my bill?

Your bill is due by the due date indicated on the invoice.

How can I pay my bill?

The WRDSB currently offers four payment options:

Please contact the WRDSB at  should you have any questions regarding payment options.

I don’t think my bill is correct. Who should I contact?

Parents/Guardians who disagree with, or have questions about the days of care on their invoice, must contact the WRDSB at 519-570-0003 x4323 or 4379 immediately to have the invoice investigated.

Can I begin in the Extended Day Program prior to the two-week start date?

Unfortunately no, registration needs to be completed two weeks prior to your child(ren)’s program start date.

Is my child registered?

An automatic email will be sent to you upon completing your registration. This automatic email is your confirmation that you have successfully registered your child.

If you have not received this email notification, check your spam box and/or junk email filters. Once the email has been located, be sure to adjust your filters to ensure you receive future communications.

Parents/Guardians can also sign into your WRDSB OneList/Onehsn account to view the online calendar. The calendar, as well as your invoice, will reflect the scheduled days and programs that you have selected.

I need to change my child’s start date.

Select the red Update your child’s schedule button on the home page in your WRDSB  OneList/Onehsn account. Then, select Change Schedule and make the changes that are required.

It requires two weeks advance notice for any schedule changes. Invoices will be generated based on the schedule information parents/guardians provided in OneList/Onehsn.

Any time a schedule change is made in OneList/Onehsn, it is the parents/guardians responsibility to ensure that schedules are accurately re-entered to resume as needed. Please note: OneList/Onehsn will reflect any change until the end of June.

PD days, Winter Break and March Break

Full day programs are available on designated PD days, Winter Break and all of March break (at select sites). Please view your child’s calendar schedule.

Hours of Care on PD days, Winter Break and March Break

If your child is registered to attend Before School on a PD day, they may attend on the PD day from 7am until school dismissal time. If they are registered for After School on a PD day, they may attend from school entry time until 6pm on a PD day.

How do I change or view my child’s calendar?

Please visit the Schedule Change Instructions web page for detailed information.

I am applying for Subsidy

The Extended Day Program is a subsidy eligible program. Child Care Subsidy is managed by the Region of Waterloo. Eligibility is based on a family’s income and child care needs, and must be applied for separately. To apply:

  • Register in OneList/Onehsn for Extended Day Program.
  • Complete the Subsidy Wizard or call the Region of Waterloo 519-575-4400.
  • Or, you can refer to our Parent Handbook on the Before & After School Programs home page.

It is important to understand that completing the OneList/Onehsn registration does not mean you have applied or qualified for Child Care Subsidy.

It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure they have qualified for Child Care Subsidy prior to registering their child(ren) for the WRDSB Extended Day Program. Please ensure your subsided schedule aligns in OneList/Onehsn or full fees will be generated for these days of care.