The WRDSB employs Designated Early Childhood Educator’s registered with the Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators, who also work in our Kindergarten programs. Educational Assistants may also work to support programs where additional staff are required.

For more information on the Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators visit; The College of Early Childhood Educators

Positive, Responsive, Relationships

With their unique qualifications and experiences, early childhood educators bring their knowledge of early childhood development, as well as a focus on age-appropriate, developmentally appropriate, and culturally responsive program planning, to facilitate experiences that promote each child’s physical, cognitive, language, emotional, social, and creative development and well-being. The educator team (both early childhood educator and educational assistants) working in the extended day program establish positive, supportive relationships with children and families. They do so by;

  • Responding to children’s needs
  • Providing a variety of choice in the program
  • Sharing control with children
  • Supporting children with solving problems
  • Recognizing that children are competent and capable of complex thinking
  • Welcoming parent involvement
  • Sharing information with parents about their child’s day in various ways (updates in person, parent information boards, newsletters)

Other Resources for Positive, Responsive Relationships

Ministry of Education: Think, Feel, Act: Lessons from Research About Young Children

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