Week Five: Connect

Human beings are social creatures. We need to be close and connected to others. We need to feel loved, cared[…]

Week Four: Be Grateful

Believe it or not, it seems to be easier for all of us to notice or think of the negatives[…]

Week Three: Be Kind To Yourself

Did you know that you are talking to yourself all the time? It’s just that no one can hear what[…]

Week Two: Breathe

We all breathe, all the time. So we must know what we are doing, right? Yes and no. Chances are,[…]

Week One: Get Moving

There is a lot of research about how important physical activity is for our body but also for our mind[…]

Five in Five

Five Minutes to Wellbeing in Five Weeks

The Five in Five resources, created by WRDSB Psychological Services, is designed to offer parents and caregivers a guide to incorporating everyday practices that can contribute to overall wellbeing. This resource has been created for students in Grade 4 or above, but younger students can also benefit with assistance from adults.

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Supporting the Transition Back to School: Suggestions for Caregivers

After months of staying at home during the school closure and summer break, the return to school will be a significant change in the daily lives of children. Psychological Services staff have compiled this resource to provide caregivers with effective strategies for supporting their children in the transition back to school.

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Are You Ready to Go Back to School?

Most of us feel nervous or excited when we are starting something new. In fact, most students feel this way when they head back to school in September. Shifting from the freedom of summer to the school routine is often difficult. But this year may be especially hard because we have been away from school for such a long time.

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Practice Makes It Easier

Throughout our lives, we have often heard the saying, “Practice makes perfect”. This is also true of learning coping strategies[…]

Helping Children Manage Their Feelings

The onset of a new school year can trigger many different emotions: worry, anger, sadness, excitement. Children will need time,[…]

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