Remote learning is a new experience for parents and caregivers, students and staff. To ensure a positive experience for all, we ask that parents and caregivers adhere to the following Code of Conduct.

Encourage Student Learning

  • Encourage their child to participate fully in their virtual class
  • Allow your child to express their own thinking and demonstrate their own learning
  • Assist with setting up a learning space in the home

Respect Privacy

  • Respect the privacy of everyone in the virtual classroom
  • Refrain from taking photos, screenshots, capturing images of other students
  • Refrain from sharing the links to live meetings

Communicate with the Teacher

  • Contact the teacher, using the teacher’s email or phone number, if one has been provided, about anything that is important to you and your student’s well-being or learning
  • Staff will respond to emails or phone calls when they are able either during the school day or after

Support Safe, Caring and Inclusive Classrooms

  • Support the efforts of school staff in maintaining a safe, caring, and inclusive learning environment
  • Celebrate, respect and recognize the diversity within your child’s virtual classroom.
  • Reject all forms of intolerance and prejudice on the basis of race, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities, and family status

Respect the Virtual Classroom

  • Understand that the virtual classroom and live meets are for students and teachers only
  • Parents/guardians should not appear on camera or speak directly to the teacher or class during the synchronous learning times
  • Do not unmute the microphone during instruction to ask a question or access the chat feature unless there is an emergency