Five Minutes to Wellbeing in Five Weeks

The Five in Five resources, created by WRDSB Psychological Services, is designed to offer parents and caregivers a guide to incorporating everyday practices that can contribute to overall wellbeing. This resource has been created for students in Grade 4 or above, but younger students can also benefit with assistance from adults.

There’s lots of research about short and simple things we can do that can help us feel better, calmer, and happier.

This program has five weeks full of wellbeing activity ideas:

  • Each week has a specific theme with ideas of things that kids and grownups can do in that area.
  • You will spend one week on the activities within that theme.
  • The activities will likely work best if both kids and parents participate in them together.
  • Try to spend five minutes every day doing a wellbeing activity from that week’s theme.
  • If you want to spend more than five minutes in an activity or if you want to do several different types of five-minute practices in one day, go for it!
  • As time goes on, you may also choose to keep doing activities from past weeks as well, and that’s great too!
  • It’s up to you!

Research shows us that the more often we practice and the more types of wellbeing activities, the better. But remember, even a little bit is better than nothing.

To work best, wellbeing activities should become part of our life and our daily routine. Then we feel better not just in the moment we are doing the activity but more generally in our lives as well.

Give Five in Five a try – it’s only five minutes a day!