How to Register

  1. Confirm your child’s school.
    • Look up the school by boundary for students for next year
  2. Start the registration process
  3. Virtual appointment (compliant with Health and Ministry of Education Guidelines)
    • After you register online, our Registration Team will be in contact about booking a virtual appointment to review registration documents.  Please be patient as we work through the high volume of registrations.  We look forward to connecting with you!
    • During the online appointment, we need to review the following documents to complete the registration:
      • Proof of Address
        • Utility bill, tax bill, property insurance bill, proof of Ontario Property Assessment Notice, or purchase/lease agreement.
      • Proof of Birth (original documents required)
        • Birth Certificate, Canadian Passport, birth registration, citizenship card or statement of live birth.
      • Proof of Custody where applicable
        • Custody orders, court-ordered Guardianship
      • Student Immunization Information
      • Immigration Documents where required contact our International Admissions Department at for more information

You can get information and register for Before and After School Programs separately.

Spring Family Orientation Event

Some schools offer an opportunity for families to be welcomed and learn more about the Kindergarten experience. Be sure to ask for these details when you complete the registration with the school!

Elementary Schools with Kindergarten

School/Website Address/Phone
A R Kaufman Public School
11 Chopin Dr
Kitchener N2M2G3 (Map)
Phone: 519-745-7312
Abraham Erb Public School
710 Laurelwood Dr
Waterloo N2V2V3 (Map)
Phone: 519-747-7694
Alpine Public School
75 Lucerne Dr
Kitchener N2E1B4 (Map)
Phone: 519-743-4338
Avenue Road Public School
40 Gail St
Cambridge N1R4M2 (Map)
Phone: 519-623-0860
Ayr Public School
105 Hall St
Ayr N0B1E0 (Map)
Phone: 519-632-7424
Baden Public School
155 Livingston Blvd
Baden N3A4M6 (Map)
Phone: 519-634-9320
Blair Road Public School
85 Sunset Blvd
Cambridge N1S1A9 (Map)
Phone: 519-621-5620
Breslau Public School
58 Joseph St
Breslau N0B1M0 (Map)
Phone: 519-648-2242
Bridgeport Public School
59 Bridge St W
Kitchener N2K1K6 (Map)
Phone: 519-743-4318
Brigadoon Public School
415 Caryndale Dr
Kitchener N2R1J7 (Map)
Phone: 519-895-2353
Cedar Creek Public School
55 Hilltop Dr
Ayr N0B1E0 (Map)
Phone: 519-632-5255
Cedarbrae Public School
230 Cedarbrae Ave
Waterloo N2L4S7 (Map)
Phone: 519-884-4940
Centennial Public School (C)
100 Weaver St
Cambridge N3C1W4 (Map)
Phone: 519-658-5121
Central Public School
175 Main St E
Cambridge N1R1W5 (Map)
Phone: 519-623-0940
Chalmers Street Public School
Chalmers St S
Cambridge N1R5B4 (Map)
Phone: 519-623-0950
Chicopee Hills Public School
800 Fairway Rd. N
Kitchener N2A0J6 (Map)
Phone: 519-896-6090
Clemens Mill Public School
335 Saginaw Pky
Cambridge N1T1R6 (Map)
Phone: 519-740-2364
Conestogo Public School
1948 Sawmill Rd
Conestogo N0B1N0 (Map)
Phone: 519-664-3773
Coronation Public School
757 Concession Rd
Cambridge N3H4L1 (Map)
Phone: 519-653-1141
Country Hills Public School
195 Country Hill Dr
Kitchener N2E2G7 (Map)
Phone: 519-743-6331
Crestview Public School
153 Montcalm Dr
Kitchener N2B2R6 (Map)
Phone: 519-893-1140
Driftwood Park Public School
50 Parkland Cres
Kitchener N2N1S4 (Map)
Phone: 519-744-7273
Edna Staebler Public School
450 Bernay Dr
Waterloo N2T3A3 (Map)
Phone: 519-880-2646
Elgin Street Public School
685 Elgin St N
Cambridge N1R7W6 (Map)
Phone: 519-622-0611
Elizabeth Ziegler Public School
90 Moore Ave S
Waterloo N2J1X2 (Map)
Phone: 519-742-4402
Empire Public School
83 Empire St
Waterloo N2L2M1 (Map)
Phone: 519-742-8375
Floradale Public School
35 Florapine Rd
Floradale N3B2Z1 (Map)
Phone: 519-669-5193
Forest Glen Public School
437 Waterloo St
New Hamburg N3A1S9 (Map)
Phone: 519-662-2830
Forest Hill Public School
255 Westmount Rd E
Kitchener N2M4Z2 (Map)
Phone: 519-578-5480
Franklin Public School
371 Franklin St N
Kitchener N2A1Y9 (Map)
Phone: 519-893-1334
Glencairn Public School
664 Erinbrook Dr
Kitchener N2E2R1 (Map)
Phone: 519-742-0849
Grand View Public School (C)
1144 Hamilton St
Cambridge N3H3G2 (Map)
Phone: 519-653-3611
Grandview Public School (New Hamburg)
341 Huron St
New Hamburg N3A1K4 (Map)
Phone: 519-662-1881
Groh Public School
225 Thomas Slee Dr
Kitchener N2P2X5 (Map)
Phone: 519-748-5987
Hespeler Public School
300 Winston Blvd
Cambridge N3C3J6 (Map)
Phone: 519-658-4691
Highland Public School
125 Salisbury Ave
Cambridge N1S1J8 (Map)
Phone: 519-621-9981
Hillcrest Public School
31 Renwick Ave
Cambridge N3C2T5 (Map)
Phone: 519-658-5187
Howard Robertson Public School
130 Morgan Ave
Kitchener N2A2M5 (Map)
Phone: 519-748-6161
J F Carmichael Public School
80 Patricia Ave
Kitchener N2M1J3 (Map)
Phone: 519-578-8450
J W Gerth Public School
171 Apple Ridge Dr
Kitchener N2P0A1 (Map)
Phone: 519-896-4159
Janet Metcalfe Public School
335 Seabrook Dr
Kitchener N2R0G3 (Map)
Jean Steckle Public School
130 Woodbine Ave
Kitchener N2R1X9 (Map)
Phone: 519-748-1919
John Darling Public School
200 Rolling Meadows Dr
Kitchener N2N3G9 (Map)
Phone: 519-749-0834
John Mahood Junior Public School
5 First St W
Elmira N3B1G1 (Map)
Phone: 519-669-5153
Keatsway Public School
Waterloo N2L5V9 (Map)
Phone: 519-886-1650
King Edward Public School
709 King St W
Kitchener N2G1E3 (Map)
Phone: 519-578-0220
Lackner Woods Public School
151 Zeller Dr
Kitchener N2A4H4 (Map)
Phone: 519-894-1150
Laurelwood Public School
460 Brentcliffe Dr
Waterloo N2T2R5 (Map)
Phone: 519-884-9999
Lester B Pearson Public School
520 Chesapeake Dr
Waterloo N2K4G5 (Map)
Phone: 519-880-0300
Lexington Public School
431 Forestlawn Rd
Waterloo N2K2J5 (Map)
Phone: 519-747-3314
Lincoln Heights Public School
270 Quickfall Dr
Waterloo N2J3S9 (Map)
Phone: 519-884-4010
Linwood District Public School
50 Pine St
Linwood N0B2A0 (Map)
Phone: 519-698-2680
Mackenzie King Public School
51 Natchez Rd
Kitchener N2B3A7 (Map)
Phone: 519-745-8694
Manchester Public School
455 Dundas St N
Cambridge N1R5R5 (Map)
Phone: 519-621-8240
Mary Johnston Public School
475 Brynhurst Blvd
Waterloo N2T2C6 (Map)
Phone: 519-747-1620
Meadowlane Public School
236 Forestwood Dr
Kitchener N2N1C1 (Map)
Phone: 519-579-5030
Millen Woods Public School
640 New Hampshire St
Waterloo N2K0A5 (Map)
Phone: 519-725-4221
Moffat Creek Public School
710 Myers Rd
Cambridge N1P0A8 (Map)
Phone: 519-620-1661
N A MacEachern Public School
580 Rolling Hills Dr
Waterloo N2L4Z9 (Map)
Phone: 519-885-1731
New Dundee Public School
1430 Bridge St
New Dundee N0B2E0 (Map)
Phone: 519-696-2296
Northlake Woods Public School
500 Northlake Dr
Waterloo N2V2A4 (Map)
Phone: 519-885-1115
Parkway Public School
436 Preston Pky
Cambridge N3H5C7 (Map)
Phone: 519-653-0383
Pioneer Park Public School
55 Upper Canada Dr
Kitchener N2P1G2 (Map)
Phone: 519-748-0142
Preston Public School
210 Westminster Dr N
Cambridge N3H5C8 (Map)
Phone: 519-653-0387
Prueter Public School
40 Prueter Ave
Kitchener N2H6G6 (Map)
Phone: 519-578-0910
Queen Elizabeth Public School
191 Hoffman St
Kitchener N2M3N2 (Map)
Phone: 519-578-3910
Riverside Public School
14 William St
Elmira N3B1N9 (Map)
Phone: 519-669-5417
Rockway Public School
70 Vanier Dr
Kitchener N2C1J5 (Map)
Phone: 519-576-5730
Ryerson Public School
749 Grand Valley Dr
Cambridge N3H2S3 (Map)
Phone: 519-653-5532
Saginaw Public School
740 Saginaw Pky
Cambridge N1T1V6 (Map)
Phone: 519-624-7111
Sandhills Public School
1250 Victoria St S
Kitchener N2N3J2 (Map)
Phone: 519-744-4430
Sandowne Public School
265 Sandowne Dr
Waterloo N2K2C1 (Map)
Phone: 519-884-4800
Sheppard Public School
278 Weber St E
Kitchener N2H1G2 (Map)
Phone: 519-578-5920
Silverheights Public School
390 Scott Rd
Cambridge N3C3Z7 (Map)
Phone: 519-658-9023
Sir Adam Beck Public School
1140 Snyder’s Rd W
Baden N3A0A8 (Map)
Phone: 519-634-8757
Smithson Public School
150 Belleview Ave
Kitchener N2B1G7 (Map)
Phone: 519-578-3890
Southridge Public School
1425 Queen’s Blvd
Kitchener N2M5B3 (Map)
Phone: 519-576-0940
St Jacobs Public School
72 Queensway Dr
St Jacobs N0B2N0 (Map)
Phone: 519-664-2272
Stewart Avenue Public School
145 Stewart Ave
Cambridge N1R2V5 (Map)
Phone: 519-621-4171
Suddaby Public School
171 Frederick St
Kitchener N2H2M6 (Map)
Phone: 519-578-3840
Tait Street Public School
184 Tait St
Cambridge N1S3G3 (Map)
Phone: 519-621-7621
Trillium Public School
79 Laurentian Dr
Kitchener N2E1C3 (Map)
Phone: 519-743-6368
Vista Hills Public School
314 Sweet Gale Street
Waterloo N2V 0B3 (Map)
Phone: 519-884-4411
W T Townshend Public School
245 Activa Ave
Kitchener N2E4A3 (Map)
Phone: 519-579-1160
Wellesley Public School
1059 Queen’s Bush Rd
Wellesley N0B2T0 (Map)
Phone: 519-656-2830
Westmount Public School
329 Glasgow St
Kitchener N2M2M9 (Map)
Phone: 519-578-5430
Westvale Public School
265 Westvale Dr
Waterloo N2T2B2 (Map)
Phone: 519-746-6724
Williamsburg Public School
760 Commonwealth Cres
Kitchener N2E4K7 (Map)
Phone: 519-742-1848
Wilson Avenue Public School
221 Wilson Ave
Kitchener N2C1G9 (Map)
Phone: 519-893-7050
Winston Churchill Public School
100 Milford Ave
Waterloo N2L3Z3 (Map)
Phone: 519-884-3722
Woodland Park Public School
555 Ellis Rd
Cambridge N3C4K2 (Map)
Phone: 519-654-9402