Conciliation: Conciliation is a formal step in the collective bargaining process. Either party may request a conciliator, appointed by the Ministry of Labour. Discussions may continue with the assistance of a conciliator, until an agreement is reached, or until both parties are at an impasse. If at an impasse, either party can request the conciliator to issue a ‘no board report.’

No Board Report: A No Board Report can only be issued as a result of conciliation, when both parties are at an impasse in negotiations. Once a No Board Report is issued, a union is in a legal strike position 17 days from the date of issue.

Strike: A strike by teachers includes any action or activity undertaken collectively with the intent to stop or limit the normal operation of a board, including regular classroom programs. The following are considered strike actions: withdrawal of services, working to rule, curtailing the performance of the duties of teachers. (School Boards Collective Bargaining Act, S. 35)

Ratification: The process by which a negotiated collective agreement is formally accepted.