Student Senator Roles & Responsibilities

Student Senate is a committee of the Board that meets once a month throughout the school year. It is made up of student representatives from each of the sixteen Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB) secondary schools. These meetings give an opportunity for the Senators to act as an advisory body to the Student and Board Trustees, and staff. The Senators provide a perspective on student issues and communicate back to their school’s student body the decisions made by WRDSB. Being involved in Student Senate also provides leadership opportunities for Senators as they advocate and learn the purpose and work of WRDSB.


  • Liaison between the WRDSB Student Senate meetings and your school
  • Attend all Senate meetings. If you’re unable to attend, notify Chair(s) of your absence, and if possible, arrange another student to attend in your place
  • Advertise Student Senate meetings to your school community
  • Read over agenda items and share important information with peers and school contact to gather information or ideas to bring to the meetings
  • Bring forward agenda items to Student Trustees
  • Assist Student Trustees in determining student issues, gathering student opinion and communicate with students so they can better represent your school community at the board table
  • Communicate to your school community and activities council what was discussed/decided at the Student Senate meetings
  • If possible, meet regularly with your principal to share information from Student Senate meetings
  • Try to attend school council meetings to share student voice by reporting on Student Senate meetings
  • Attend WRDSB Committee of the Whole Meetings and Board Meetings as they see fit and as they fit in with issues that are discussed at Student Senate
  • Be a positive ambassador and leader

I, the undersigned, hereby consent and agree to the Student Senate Roles and Responsibilities and the Terms of Reference.

I give permission to release to Waterloo Region District School Board (WRDSB), its agents, and employees all rights to record and share my input and suggestions onto minutes and with the Board. Additionally, I recognize and consent that a print and electronic form of the minutes will be publicly available and kept as record. I waive any rights, claims, or interest I may have to control the use of my identity or likeness in minutes, photos, videos and any other way in regards to the Student Senate. I recognize that Student Senate meetings or events may be shared on WRDSB websites and social media channels and give permission to have photos and videos taken of me.

Student Senators must download and sign the Student Senator Roles and Responsibilities agreement.