Mental Health and Well-Being

As our students return to school we look forward to welcoming them back with warmth, calm, care and joy. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging experience for our students and families and as a result our priority for returning to school will be on building nurturing relationships and supporting student well-being. As a result our teachers will be supported through our central staff in fostering a trauma sensitive learning environment that places a priority on psychological safety, belonging and human rights and equity. In both the in-school and distance learning models school multi-disciplinary teams will continue to provide mental health support and services to our students through face to face, phone or virtual connections. Additional information will also be  provided from School Mental Health Ontario who have developed a learning framework and toolkit resource for school boards.

Supporting Students With Special Education Needs

Students with Special Education Needs continue to be a priority in our planning in both the in-class and distance learning models. in an effort to ensure they will receive the support they need to be successful. Central staff are working with our schools to develop and implement transition plans to ensure our students with special needs receive the support they need to be successful.

Secondary School

Secondary students who are in one of the WRDSB’s Special Education Congregated Classes will have the option of attending school everyday. The needs of students with complex Special Education Needs who are not in a congregated class will also be reviewed to determine if they need to attend school on a daily basis as they are unable to access education through distance learning.

Supporting Students With Health Conditions

In-person learning may not be possible for everyone. If your child is medically fragile, immune-compromised or has chronic or persistent health conditions, we recommend that you speak with your health care providers to identify which learning delivery model is best suited to your child’s health needs. It is important that your child’s healthcare provider(s) is consulted to ensure your child’s physical health needs are considered as we plan for a return to school during the COVID Pandemic.