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  1. At the bottom right of the video, click Settings Settings Gear
  2. Click Subtitles/CC.
  3. Select a language.

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  1. Click Auto-translate.
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Before School

  • Make sure your child has the items they will need for the day
    • Reusable mask (well fitted and cleaned as needed)
    • Packaged lunch (remember to avoid items that would need to be reheated or refrigerated)
    • Reusable water bottle, labelled with your child’s name on it for bottle filling stations (water fountains are not available)
    • Items not needed for school should be left at home as there will be limited space for students to store items
    • Students do not require an extra pair of indoor shoes in September
    • Be sure you have completed screening your child for COVID-19 symptoms. If your child is showing any symptoms, please keep your child home.
  • When dropping off students at school, only one parent or caregiver should bring your child(ren)to school to limit the number of people at the school and to support physical distancing.

Arriving At School

  • Children who walk to school are encouraged to arrive at school as close to the start time as possible and they should arrive at school with their mask on.
  • Children who take the school bus to school should keep their masks on when they get off the school bus
  • Children will have a pre-arranged arrival location at school. We ask that parents do not accompany their children onto school property.
  • Teachers will greet their students in the designated area
  • Before entering the school, teachers will provide hand sanitizer to students. Teachers will bring their students into the school in a physically distanced way.
  • If a student arrives late, we will have a touch free sign in process for the student

During Class

  • Students will remain in their classrooms for most of the day and with their own class cohort
  • For those schools with specialized teachers (ie for Phys Ed, French or Music) subject teachers will be coming to the students as much as possible
  • Students will have access to the essential learning materials they will need for the school day
  • Bathroom breaks are available for students when needed

During Lunch

  • Students will have an opportunity to clean their hands before and after they eat
  • Students will eat their lunch in their classroom and at their own desk
  • Please ensure that students are able to open any food containers on their own and bring their own utensils

During Outdoor Time

  • Weather permitting, students will enjoy their outdoor time throughout the school day and with their classroom cohort.
  • Students will not be able to play on playground equipment in order to support health and safety
  • Outdoor time will be staggered to help minimize the number of students outdoors at one time
  • Students will not have to wear masks while outdoors, if able to practice physical distancing
  • Before entering the school, teachers will provide hand sanitizer to students. Teachers will bring their students into the school in a physically distanced way.

After School

  • During the last period of the day, staff will help students walk to the appropriate dismissal area.
  • Parents or caregivers are asked to pick up students at a common meeting place.
  • Parents and caregivers are again reminded to wear masks and ensure physical distancing while on school property and picking up children.