Please note, as we receive updated direction from Region of Waterloo Public Health or the Ministry of Education, the answers provided below may change. For more general questions related to the Extended Day Program, refer to their website.

Frequently asked questions about our Extended Day Programs

Will programs operate this fall?

Yes, Extended Day programs will operate this fall. This includes both WRDSB and third-party-operated programs.

How do I register for Extended Day programs?

Families can now register and enter care schedules online at Please note that care schedules must be confirmed online by August 24 if you require care for the first day of school.

What will drop-off and pick-up routines look like?

Parents will be permitted to enter the school to drop off and pick up their child(ren) from Before & After School programs. Programs will amend their daily routines to allow for more time outdoors during peak drop off and pick up times. This will reduce the number of parents and guardians entering the school to drop off or pick up their child.

In the event that a parent drops off or picks up their child while the program is indoors and needs to enter the school they will be required to;

  1. complete the Ontario Online School and Child Care Screening Tool, and;
  2. practise physical distancing, and;
  3. sanitize upon entering the school, and;
  4. sign their child in / out of the program (date / time), and;
  5. wear a mask

All individuals must self-screen every day before arrival at the before school program or school (if only enrolled in an after school program).

Individuals who do not pass the screening are not permitted to attend the program and must stay home.

What are the 2021-22 Extended Day rates?

Program rates for the 2021-2022 school year are available on the Extended Day Programs website.

Will my child have to wear a mask?

Students in Kindergarten to Grade 12 will be required to wear masks during the upcoming school year. This enhanced health and safety measure builds on the Provincial requirement for students in Grades 1 to 12 to wear masks during the school day.

Staff will also be exploring alternatives, such as face shields, for students who are unable to wear masks. Staff will work with and approach compliance among younger students with compassion and a focus on education. There will be no disciplinary action for students having difficulty complying.

Will educators be wearing masks and PPE?

Yes. Educators will be wearing masks while working in the program and other PPE when appropriate.

How do I opt in or out of Extended Day programs?

Families can make changes to their Extended Day schedule online using the Region of Waterloo’s OneList.

More information on how to register for programs and make changes to schedules is available on our website.

How will families be notified of a positive case of COVID-19?

Families in WRDSB operated programs will receive a letter from the school notifying them of a positive case of COVID-19 in the program. Families in third-party provided programs, such as the YMCA of Three Rivers, should check with the provider for information on their process for notifying parents of positive cases.

Can my child bring items from home, such as comfort items – blanket, stuffed animals?

Personal belongings (e.g. backpack, clothing, etc.) should be minimized. If brought, belongings should be labelled and kept in the child’s cubby in a bag/backpack that can be zipped up.

How will physical distancing happen in these programs?

Every effort will be made to ensure physical distancing in schools, and to limit contact points for students. Changes to the normal program routine will include limiting movement throughout the school, separating desks and clearing space in classrooms as much as possible. The use of masks will be mandatory for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12.

What kind of activities will my child participate in with enhanced protocols?

Extended Day Programs will continue to provide play and learning materials such as books, games, manipulatives and building blocks. Materials will be cleaned regularly. Children will continue to engage in play-based learning experiences such as; outdoor play and physical activities, social and co-operative games, reading, creative art and music and movement.

Children attending Before and After school programs will be a cohort and will engage in these experiences together as a cohort. A Designated Early Childhood Educator and Educational Assistant will support children participating in the program and ensure that the enhanced health and safety guidelines are met such as increased environment cleaning and hand washing.

How will cohorts work in Extended Day Programs?

Children enrolled in Before and After school programs will be part of one cohort of up to 30 children. School boards are adhering to the Ministry guidelines for a ratio of one educator per 15 children enrolled and Before and After school class sizes of up to 30.

Before and After school program cohorts will be an additional cohort outside of the core day cohort as children attending may be in Kindergarten up to Grade 6.

Are there limits to class sizes in Extended Day Programs?

Yes. 30 children per class is the guideline for Before and After school programs.

Will Extended Day Programs operate in kindergarten classrooms? If so, will they be cleaned before and after school?

Extended Day and Youth Development programs operate in various spaces in schools such as kindergarten classrooms, primary classrooms, pods and libraries. Shared spaces in schools that are used by different groups will be cleaned between use.

Will fees be charged if my child is ill?

As per the policies and procedures outlined in our Extended Day Parent Handbook, it is recommended that you keep your child home when showing signs of illness. There will be no reduction in fees due to illness unless there is a program closure (example, outbreak).

Please also refer to the Ministry of Education’s School Guidance for Outbreak Management.

Will fees be charged if public health advises there is a confirmed case at my child’s school and as part of the outbreak management guidance, my child is a high risk contact and needs to self-isolate?

In the event that public health and or the school informs you that your child needs to self-isolate, please reach out to to confirm the dates your child will be absent from school and the Extended Day program. Fees will not be charged for the days your child is absent. Your credit will appear on the following month’s invoice.

Please also refer to the Ministry of Education’s School Guidance for Outbreak Management.

Will fees be charged if there is a school closure due to COVID-19 outbreak?

In the event of a school-wide closure due to COVID-19 outbreak, the Extended Day program will waive fees for the duration of the closure. Your credit will appear on the following month’s invoice.