Daily attendance is crucial for engagement and success in the Secondary Remote Learning Program (SRLP). Students will be marked present in their Remote Learning course when they conference with teachers, complete assigned tasks, and/or log in and participate in online instructional activities.

We will approach attendance with the care and compassion our students deserve. Individual circumstances affecting daily attendance may be communicated to the classroom teacher or program administrators so that we can support or accommodate the student and family as needed.

Processes on recording absences and reporting students’ absences will be shared with students by their classroom teachers.

Please report when your student will be away from class

Remember, we take attendance at the SRLP on the same schedule as the home school’s in-person classes. Your attendance is noted when you are participating in the meets and activities done in the first and second learning blocks each course day. The schedule for a typical day is found here. Regular attendance is the best way to engage in your learning and will lead to more connections, motivation and success in the course.

Parents and caregivers may report absences for illness, COVID-19 related reasons, appointments or parent and caregiver approved reasons in the following ways:

Adult students may use these same options. If a student is absent and we do not have the validation of the excused absence, a phone call will be made to the home. Parents and caregivers may validate the absence upon receipt of the phone call by calling or emailing the number and email address above.