Supporting our remote learners will be a collaborative effort between the Remote Learning teachers and home school staff. The remote learning teachers will collaborate with home school staff that support our students (for example, Special Education, ESL, Student Success, CYW, SW) and provide accommodations for our ELL students and those with IEPs.

Examples of this collaborative approach to support students include:

  • Home school Guidance Counselors will support our remote learning students with any course choice adjustments and pathway to graduation decisions.
  • Remote Learning teachers will connect with the home school special education teachers to ensure that any accommodations in a student’s IEP are implemented in the Remote Learning program.
  • Student success, child and youth workers and social workers will continue to support students in the SRLP. Remote Learning teachers will connect their students with these supports at their home school as needed.
  • The SRLP has two Vice Principals, who will connect students to support both in the SRLP and in the students’ home schools.
  • The SRLP has two Special Education Resource Teachers (SERTS) and two Guidance Teachers who liaise between RLP teachers and home schools.

Mental Health Resources

In the Mental Health Resources section, you’ll find a selection of resources to assist students, parents and caregivers in supporting their own well-being. Please do not hesitate to contact your teacher or Principal for more information on resources available for students and their families.