Behaviour Management Systems

In the Spring of 2011, the Waterloo Region District School Board adopted Behaviour Managements Systems (BMS) to replace Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Training in the Board.  The BMS Program philosophy was developed by educators for educators to safely and effectively manage student behaviours in a way that is safe for both the student and staff member(s).

The main emphasis of this program is prevention and non-physical interventions. It stresses the necessity of knowing the child, understanding triggers for behaviour, acting on “early warning signs”, and making use of calming and de-escalation techniques. The secondary emphasis of this program is defensive techniques (avoidance, releases, blocks) coupled with calming and de-escalation techniques, and if all else fails, the use of  safe restraint methods (an absolute last resort rarely required by most staff) coupled with calming and de-escalation techniques.

The philosophy behind Behaviour Management Systems compliments WRDSB’s AP2330.  Both BMS and WRDSB do not advocate transporting students during the use of defensive and restraint techniques.   Also, both strongly support the use of calming and deescalation techniques and building relationships with students.

Practitioner Certification Training is provided in-house and offered at a variety of times during the school year.  Staff is advised of available training via System Memo early in each school year.  Recertification is necessary every 12 – 18 months with certification comes from Behaviour Management Systems.



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