What is Specialized Co-op?

  • An unique opportunity for students to earn credits toward their high school diploma
  • A program that allows students to earn 3 high school credits in a semester
  • Workplace training combined with flexible delivery of the co-op curriculum
  • Minimum of 220 hours of work are required to be eligible for Specialized Co-op Part 1
  • Minimum of 330 hours of work are required to be eligible for Specialized Co-op Part 2
  • Course work is delivered and submitted weekly through the Internet and may be done at a time convenient to the student
  • Students will be enrolled with the Waterloo Region District School Board and, whenever possible, in the last school they attended

What does it involve?

  • Attending an orientation session at the beginning of the semester
  • Completing one log sheet, one journal and one assignment each week
  • Ongoing communication with the co-op teacher
  • Participating in online class discussions

Who is eligible for Specialized Co-op?

  • Students under the age of 21 who are no longer enrolled in secondary school
  • Students who live and work in the Waterloo Region District School Board vicinity
  • Students who have regular access to the Internet
  • Students who are employed or who are committed to ongoing volunteer work

What role does the employer have?

  • Needs to be aware of your interest in the program and approve your participation
  • Accepts visits from the co-op teacher at times convenient to him/her
  • Provides feedback on your job performance
  • May offer some assistance with assignments on safety or career development

What is needed to apply?

  • Students need to either be employed or have ongoing volunteer work
  • Students must have regular access (4-5 hours per week) to a computer connected to the Internet

Application Steps:

1. Students must complete the Application form

2. Students must contact one of the Specialized Co-operative Education teachers by phone, fax or email:

Kitchener area
Maureen Maus
Phone: 519-505-0259

Waterloo Area 
Diana Coupal
Phone: 519-503-7220

Cambridge Area 
Ingrid Wolf-Deleplanque
Phone: 519-504-3881

Note: Late applications will be placed on a waiting list.

3. Applicants will be contacted by telephone to confirm orientation session date and times.

4. All students MUST attend an orientation session where they will receive instructions on how to use the online learning system.

5. Students are expected to remain committed to employment and submit weekly logs, journals and assignments throughout the entire semester.

Student Feedback

“This program really helped me out because without it, I think I’d still be working and be 3 credits short of graduating.” – S.F.

“I found this is the best way to get credits. It is stress free and works around the every day world. The best thing is what you’re learning isn’t useless.” – J.S.

“I got to keep my full-time job and get closer to completing high school from home in my own time. What could be better?” – N.C.