In March of 2020, the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. What followed from this declaration included the closure of our schools, the launch of a full distance learning program from March through to June 2020, and major efforts to ensure the continuity of all operational aspects of the school district. Given the unprecedented nature of this past year and the uncertainty associated with the remainder of this school year, it is necessary to revise our operational plan for 2020-2021. WRDSB’s Strategic Priorities, as reflected in our strategic plan, remain the pillars of our work, and continue to drive our operational plan and the priorities that have become critically important as staff respond to the realities and impact of COVID-19 along with the global call to action to respond to the ongoing impact and harm of systemic racism and oppression. Our operational priorities for 2020-2021 are detailed on the pages linked below:

To help us communicate our progress in a transparent and simplified way we use an operational dashboard. The traffic lights in the dashboard are intended to give a sense of the progress we are making on implementing specific strategies:

  • Red indicates we are still in the planning phase and implementation is not yet underway.
  • Yellow indicates that a plan is in place and that we are in the initial phases of implementation.
  • Green means implementation is on track.
  • A blue check means implementation of a given strategy is complete.