Graduation Rates


Operational Goal: Overall Implementation Status
Within three years we will increase our five-year graduation
rates by 5 per cent through the implementation of an
evidence-based K-12 strategy


Implementing our Strategies

Lead Strategies Status
Learning Services
and Schools
Implement and monitor strategy to re-engage in-risk students
using re-engagement teachers and tracking the reported barriers
experienced by these students.
Learning Services
and Schools
Provide professional learning opportunities to administrators
on effective strategies for tracking students’ progress
towards graduation and developing appropriate interventions to
address student needs starting in Kindergarten.
Learning Services
and Schools
Revise and implement student success strategy in secondary schools
Business Services Assess school configurations and revisit policy and procedure
regarding school organizations to minimize student transitions
between schools
Human Resource
Review as part of the staffing process (September reorganization,
semester changeover) staff allocation required to best meet the needs
of our most at-risk school communities and students identified
as being at-risk of not graduating
Corporate Services Create channels of communication to share positive student
stories to serve as an inspiration to students, staff
and parents/families/caregivers


Key Performance Indicators – Highlights

Monitoring Implementation

  • Number of students that re-engagement teacher reach out to at the board level
  • Number of students re-engaged in secondary schools at the board level
  • Number of schools identifying administrator and educator actions related to monitoring at-risk students in the School Improvement Planning and Implementation Monitoring¬†(SIPIM) tool.
  • Content analysis of the SIPIMs regarding actions related to monitoring at-risk students, including the identification of improved kindergarten self-regulation as an early intervention to support in-risk students.

Monitoring Outcomes

  • Number of re-engaged students who receive their diploma/certificate by June 2019
  • Number of credits earned by re-engaged students
  • Number of re-engaged students who have not received a diploma but continue with re-engagement in Fall 2018
  • Increased capacity of kindergarten educators to apply a Universal¬†Design for Learning approach to developing self-regulation skills.