School board staff are working together to develop goals, outcomes and targets related to three operational priorities for 2016-2019 school years:

  1. Mathematics: Increase the percentage of students achieving at provincial standard by 8 percent yearly on Grade 3, Grade 6 and Grade 9 Applied EQAO Mathematics Assessments for three years.
  2. Pathways to Graduation: Within three years we will increase our five-year graduation rate by 5 percent through the implementation of an evidence-based K-12 strategy.
  3. Well-Being: All students and staff will be supported and affirmed in the areas of cognitive, emotional, social and physical well-being with the acknowledgement of how these contribute to self and spiritual well-being.

The Waterloo Region District School Board is committed to a culture of transparency and accountability. We recognize that achieving the desired outcomes of our Strategic Plan will require much more than developing goals and establishing targets. Our ability to monitor the implementation of our work and make use of evidence and data to inform our decisions and strategies will be central to the effective implementation of our Strategic Plan.

Research has shown us that system leaders must monitor the implementation of school and classroom strategies from the initial planning stage through to full implementation to achieve desired outcomes. It has also shown us that there are predictable stages of implementation and in school districts, it typically takes three-to-five years to introduce a strategy and have full implementation. This is why we recommend a three-year timeline to fully realize our operational goals.

We are implementing a simplified way to track and communicate our progress. This dashboard gives staff a tool to monitor our progress and adjust our strategies as needed. The traffic lights are intended to give a sense of the progress we are making on implementing specific strategies:

  • Red indicates we are still in the planning phase and implementation is not yet underway.
  • Yellow indicates that a plan is in place and that we are in the initial phases of implementation.
  • Green means implementation is on track.
  • A blue check means implementation of a given strategy is complete.