Learning Through Play

Play-based learning is an essential part of a child’s development. Play provides opportunities to integrate all areas of learning. Children have opportunities to participate in activities that support their own interests. As well, educators guide children during play and extend and support their learning in various play centres throughout the day. More information about play-based learning is available at the Ministry of Education’s website.

Typical Experiences in Kindergarten

Children participate in a variety of experiences in Kindergarten. Some typical experiences include:

  • Reading books and stories
  • Writing experiences
  • Learning mathematical concepts
  • Singing, moving, and participating in play activities
  • Talking and sharing
  • Frequent library visits
  • Small group work with educators
  • Daily physical activities (e.g. classroom, outdoor play or gym)
  • Making connections between what they know and what they are learning

Play-Based Learning

Students explore a range of play-based learning areas within the classroom:

  • Block and building activities
  • Dramatic play areas
  • Book corners and class libraries
  • Writing and drawing centres
  • Math centres
  • Art centres
  • Technology experiences
  • Science and discovery centres
  • Listening centres
  • Puzzle and game centres
  • Sensory centres such as sand, water, and play dough

A Day in Kindergarten

Join Ty and his friends to see what Kindergarten is like.