Kindergarten is a two-year program consisting of Junior and Senior Kindergarten. It is available to any child turning four (4) on or before December 31 and reflects the educational policies and learning expectations of the Ministry of Education and Training.


Good to Know

  • Please inform your school about your child’s allergies before they attend school.
  • Clearly mark or label all outer clothing, boots, shooes and personal belongings with your child’s name.
  • Be aware of our community health partners and their services to detect hearing, vision, speech and language concerns!

Take Advantage of Community Services

There are many community services to support your growing child, including those to detect hearing, vision and speech and language concerns. See some of the resources from our community health partners.

How to Prepare your Child for School

Often, parents ask what they can do to prepare their child for school. One of the most important things parents can do is to encourage positive attitudes and habits. Here are some suggestions:

Talk and play together

Talk with your child, for example, ask for opinions, respond to questions, promote re-telling of events and stories. When you talk with your child, you help build oral language and extend thinking about many things. Playing together can be one of the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences for families.

Read stories and sing together

Reading and singing not only promote literacy skills but also introduce them in a positive and fun way. Give your child some responsibilities suited to his/her age and ability, for example, caring for toys, making clothing choices, setting the table, and simple food preparation.

Provide enriching experiences

Visit the school or local library, and share experiences such as trips to the park, zoo, or farm.

Support your child’s healthy mind and body

Ensure your child has enough sleep every night, and is provided with a healthy diet. Develop consistent routines at home.