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Teaching Coding Swiftly

Coding can be considered in many contexts: language, literacies, math, problem solving, algorithms and an opportunity for collaboration.  WRDSB teachers Christine Ruza and Lee Fryer-Davis share their experiences on teaching coding. Video Presentation: Suggested Reflection: How might coding be used in your classroom to address an identified focus for learning?

Deepening Math Learning

This video from the Waterloo Region District School Board fall 2016 Digital Learning Symposium examines strategies to deepen math learning. Two math learning support teachers share their experiences with “making it stick” approaches and spiral learning strategies to improve student learning. Some of the strategies discussed in the video include interleaved approach, spaced practice, varied […]

Deepening Mathematics Understanding with Coding

In this session, recorded at the WRDSB Digital Learning Symposium, elementary school teachers Megan Lowe (grade 3) and Katherine Sestan Jones (grade 1) share their experiences with coding sphero balls to deepen understanding in mathematics. The coding approach covered in this session uses the Tickle program via iPads. ¬†Megan and Katherine examine the roles of […]