Tangling with Triangulation

This video from the fall 2016 WRDSB Digital Learning Symposium,  is titled  Tangling with Triangulation.  WRDSB staff members Emily Schmuck,  Lindsay Moffatt, Ben Boucher and Emily Dixon take an in depth look at bridging the gap between best practices and mark reporting.

Triangulation is of crucial importance to assessing student learning; however, teachers often struggle with how best to record, track and report the information gathered. This presentation shares how teachers at Bluevale Collegiate Institute are attempting to find a more effective way to create student assessment profiles, placing emphasis upon the need for both accuracy and efficiency.

Triangulation of assessment data (observations, conversations and products)  is great for students and teachers as differentiated instruction and variation in assessment practices focus on the process of learning.

Video presentation:


Suggested Reflections:

How does this triangulation of data approach compare to current practice?

What aspect of data triangulation captured your interest?

What actions are needed to move in this direction?

Happy learning.