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Inspiring Learning with TED-Ed Clubs

This video, recorded at the fall 2016 Digital Learning Symposium, WRDSB teachers Megan Lowe, Angela Rohr and Mark Velle share their positive experiences with TED-Ed clubs as part of the learning journey. Theses teachers enthusiastically agree that student voice, critical thinking, persuasive writing skills, presentation skills, real world audience and engagement are all positively impacted […]

Growth Mindset Through the Drama and Dance Learning Cycle

This session from the fall 2016 Digital Learning Symposium, a group of drama and dance teachers share an interesting perspective on growth mindset through the drama and dance learning cycle.  This insightful presentation strategies to shift isolation to collaboration, creating ‘something larger’ to improve student learning and celebrate diversity. Areas of focus include effective use of […]

A Perspective on Inquiry Based Learning

In this video from the fall 2016 Digital Learning Symposium, WRDSB teachers Melissa McGrinder and Tracy Leighton share their experiences with project based learning. Perhaps some of these terms will capture your interest: user discovery, sustainability, unpacking content and rapid brain storming (8 ideas/8 minutes). Video presentation: Suggested reflection: How might some of the strategies […]

Technology Tools for Teachers

In this video from the fall 2016 Digital Learning Symposium, features teacher Chris Roth providing a tour of a variety of technology tools for the learning space.  In the session, Chris demonstrates web based tools outside of the core Google Apps (G-Suite) that have worked well with his students. Session Video: Suggested Reflection:  Learning about […]

The Journey to Classroom Learning Communities

In this video, from the fall 2016 Digital Learning Symposium, WRDSB teacher Rebecca Fay shares her personal journey of creating digital learning community for her class through leveraging social media and her personal learning network (PLN). This presentation presents the journey in a very thoughtful manner, and includes student feedback. “Connecting is why we’re here; […]

Coding in the Elementary Curriculum

In this video, WRDSB teachers Scott McKenzie and Greg Sorli share strategies and experiences using coding within the elementary curriculum. Scott and Greg demonstrate many connections to the math curriculum, problem solving strategies, collaboration and student engagement. Enjoy learning from their experiences.   Suggested Reflection: Consider the strategies demonstrated in this video and how they […]

20 Percent Project

In this video, recorded at the fall 2016 WRDSB Digital Learning Symposium, WRDSB teacher Stephanie Morris shares her experiences using a 20 percent project time approach with her secondary school students. The session includes several examples and student perspective and feedback. Resources: Presentation Slides Suggested Reflection: Given the positives of the 20 time project, consider […]

Deepening Math Learning

This video from the Waterloo Region District School Board fall 2016 Digital Learning Symposium examines strategies to deepen math learning. Two math learning support teachers share their experiences with “making it stick” approaches and spiral learning strategies to improve student learning. Some of the strategies discussed in the video include interleaved approach, spaced practice, varied […]

Learning Through Hyper-Docs

In this video, recorded at the fall 2016 Digital Learning Symposium, features WRDSB teacher Andrew Hann sharing his experiences with making learning visible through hyper-docs in a blended learning setting. Andrew reflects on this approach to make learning more open and student reactions. Video: Suggested Reflections: 1. What strategies are you using to allow for […]

Improving Collaboration for Learning

This video, recorded at the WRDSB 2016 Digital Learning Symposium, features Jamie Reaburn and Andrew Bieronski presenting about their research project (TLLP) where they share their journey of exploring and improving the effectiveness of teacher to teacher, teacher-student and student-student collaboration to support improved learning. Video: Reflection: As part of your professional reflective practice, consider […]

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