The Phase 1 French Immersion lottery for students starting Grade 1 in September 2021 is now closed.  All children born in 2015 applying in Phase 2 ( will be placed on a first-come, first-served basis after Phase 1 students.

Grade 1 French Immersion for the 2021-2022 school year

Phase 1 (NOW CLOSED)

  • Application to the lottery was open from January 6 to January 31, 2021
  • If you applied in Phase 1, what happens next?
    • Families will be notified the last week of February if they have secured a spot in the program.
    • Once a child has been accepted into the program, their spot will be guaranteed for 2 weeks during which time families must click on the link sent to their email that they are accepting the placement.
    • Students who do not secure a spot in the lottery will be placed on the waiting list(s) and placed as spots become available. Placements can occur up to mid-September 2021.

Phase 2 (OPEN)

  • NOTE: If you applied in Phase 1,  you do not need to apply in Phase 2. You will be notified the last week of February of your status.
  • Opens February 1, 2021
  • Students placed after Phase 1 students on a first-come, first-served basis. You will not be notified of placements starting in March (after Phase 1 students)
  • Closes mid-September 2021

How to apply

  1. Go to the French Immersion application page (Note: Platform is not optimized for mobile devices – if you need assistance, please call 519-570-0003 x 4419)
  2. Click on “Create an Account” within the blue box
  3. Provide an email address and a password (Note: Hotmail/Yahoo accounts have caused issues in the past, it is best to use a different email for this process)
  4. Select “Register”
  5. Check your email account. You should receive a message from WRDSB <> with a link to confirm your account. (Note: If you do not receive an email confirmation, check your spam folder)
  6. Confirm your account through the link in the email
  7. Log in to the system using your email and password
  8. Fill in the parent contact information
  9. Add your child(ren)’s information (Note: Twins or multiples can be added on the same account)
  10. Complete an application form for your child(ren)
  11. Add older siblings if they are already in French Immersion (if applicable)

Application details

  • Determine which WRDSB school boundary you reside in via our School Finder site
  • Your current school is always the first school we will consider you for Grade 1 French Immersion. We will always try and accommodate your child at their current school first. (Note: Your current school for Grade 1 French Immersion registration means the eligible school for where the student resides or the school where an older sibling attends for French Immersion when the student enters Grade 1)
  • If the French Immersion program is not offered at your home school or you would like to be considered at another French Immersion site, please select a first and/or second alternative choice (this is above and beyond your current school choice).
  • If you are not currently registered at a WRDSB school, please identify which WRDSB school you are eligible to attend based on your home address. This is the school you select under “Home School/Assigned School” in the application form. Under “Current School” when entering the Child’s information, please select “Other”
  • Student transportation is governed by Board Policy 4009 – Student Transportation and Administrative Procedure 4260 – Student Transportation. If you are not eligible for transportation under the terms outlined therein, transportation to and from school will be the sole responsibility of the parent/caregiver.

Acceptance into the French Immersion program

Based on applications received during Phase 1, all Grade 1 French Immersion classes are created through a lottery system in this order:

  1. Students with a sibling presently in French Immersion at the school (if the sibling will be attending French Immersion at the school when the student enters Grade 1)
  2. Home school students (students residing within the school’s attendance area)
  3. Out of area students (students residing beyond the school’s attendance area)
  4. Waiting list students

NOTE: A lottery may not be required if there are fewer students apply than there are spaces available

For more information about applying for Grade 1 French Immersion, please email us.