Committee of the Whole Meeting – January 20, 2014




A Committee of the Whole meeting of the Waterloo Region District School Board will be held in the Board Room, Building 2, 1st Floor, 51 Ardelt Avenue, Kitchener, Ontario, on Monday, January 20, 2014, at 7:00 p.m.



Call to Order 

O Canada

Approval of Agenda 

Declarations of Pecuniary Interest

Celebrating Board Activities



Helena Keirstead re Doon Boundary Study
Craig Holland re Doon Boundary Study
Kevin Litwiller re Doon Boundary Study
Sarah Mohr re Doon Boundary Study
Geoff Adamo re Doon Boundary Study
Melanie Toth re Doon Boundary Study
Rui Goncalves re Doon Boundary Study

Policy and Governance (30 minutes)

1 Review of Board Policy 4006 – Parking on School Property
2 Review of Board Policy 5006 – Allocation to Schools/Allocation by Principal
3 Review of Board Policy 6005 – Alternatives in Education
4 Review of Board Policy 6006 – Adult and Continuing Education

System Fiscal Review

5 System Fiscal Review Update Report  M. Allen

Reports (Human Resource Services, Business Services and Educational Services Focus)

8 Chicopee Hills and New Groh Drive Elementary Schools Update M. Allen
10 Recommendation Resulting from the Doon South Boundary Study M. Allen
52 Elementary Schools Boundary Studies and Accommodation Reviews
– Addition to Workplan
M. Allen
64 2013-14 Interim Financial Report and Forecast at November 30, 2013 M. Allen
72 Extended Day Fee Report M.L. Mackie


Staff and Board Reports

Question Period (10 minutes)

Future Agenda Items (Notices of Motion to be referred to Agenda Development Committee)



Questions relating to this agenda should be directed to
Jayne Herring, Manager of Corporate Services
519-570-0003, ext. 4336, or