For students, anxiety can range from nervousness before a test, to significant struggles in academic, social, emotional, or day-to-day functioning. When families and schools work together to address the physical symptoms, worrying thoughts and avoidance associated with anxiety, we can teach students to face challenging and sometimes fearful situations with success and confidence.

The Caregivers’ Guide will help parents and guardians to recognize signs their child may be struggling with anxiety, while also providing resources to help them succeed. This includes a variety of home-based strategies, as well as apps and online support for families of a student with anxiety.

The guide also outlines tiers of support available to students in school, depending on their level of need. This can range from consultations with guidance counsellors to the creation of an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Documentation is required in order for your child to access appropriate supports at the Targeted and Indicated level. The more detailed the documentation, the better informed our school team will be in putting together a support plan for your child.

View the Caregivers’ Guide to Accessing Support for Students with Anxiety

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